Xiaomi Lcd writing tablet review 2023

Xiaomi Mijia LCD Blackboard:

Today we’re going to be talking about the Xiaomi Mi Lcd writing tablet review 2022. This is the best writing tablet on the market and I’m going to go over some of its features and why you should be interested. If you are in the market for a writing tablet.

Xiaomi Lcd writing tablet review
Xiaomi Lcd writing tablet review



Item name: Mijia 13.5-inch LCD Blackboard
Model: XMXHB02WC
Color: White
Material: ABS
Battery: button battery (CR2025)
Size: 318*225*7 mm
Weight: 345 g

Package List:

1 * LCD Blackboard
2 * Stylus
3 * User Manual

Minimal Design Of  Xiaomi Lcd writing tablet:

So, first of all, something you might have already noticed is the sleek minimal design of this writing tablet. A lot of writing tablets really focus on a gray or black design. this one has a clean white design. It almost looks like something designed by Apple in my opinion and for a writing tablet.

That is very rare sometimes writing tablets even take on childish appearances with like some waves and curves and things like that. I know boogie board has a lot of child-targeted writing tablets. But this one is targeted more towards the working professional or the student and

Stylus Of  Xiaomi Lcd writing tablet:

I’m going to go over why so first of all you have a brilliant little stylus and this actually has a pretty nice nib on it to where. It’s pretty much like writing with a pen or pencil and the best part is it’s magnetic. So it automatically snaps onto the side here and you don’t have to worry about losing it, or it falling off.

Xiaomi Lcd writing tablet review 2022


Battery Replacement Compartment Xiaomi Lcd writing tablet:

It’s got a pretty strong magnetic grip down here. At the bottom, we have the battery replacement compartment. Now, this battery he’s going to last a really long time. So you don’t actually have to worry about replacing that. But it just takes a standard sort of like the flat round battery on the back here.

Minimal Design Xiaomi Lcd writing tablet:

Xiaomi Lcd writing tablet reviews

BUY NOWWe don’t have a ton, but we do have the Xiaomi logo as well as some information down here at the bottom. But again it continues with that sleek minimal design on the back nothing on the sides. Here or the top no power button or anything to worry about. If you do want to eat race you just press the center button there and it erases.

But if you want to lock your device to where say you don’t want whatever. It is you’re working on to erase there’s a slide button over here. To the side where you can do that push it up and the device is locked to where. If we write something and we press this button. It’s not going to erase it this is really good especially. If you’re taking notes. So,

I’m going to go ahead and show you exactly how. This writing tablet works going to start off writing something very simple and you can see it writes a lot like an actual pen. The lines are thin so you don’t have to worry about it. It being very bulky for any erase that but something. What is really important to note is it.

Pressure Sensitive Xiaomi Lcd writing tablet:

Is pressure-sensitive. so, the lighter. I write the lighter my lines are going to be and the harder I pressed down. The thicker my lines are going to be. So, that’s pretty cool. It’s not something you normally see on a device.

Xiaomi Lcd writing tablet

BUY NOWThat’s this affordable and believe me. This device is crazily affordable. What I really want to note though is how! this can be used for professionals and students because.

It is designed for professionals and students. How you can get those notes from this onto your phone. So,  as a picture of the logo here on the screen. All you have to do is download this app and hold your phone over like open. The camera on it and hold your phone over. This screen and it’s going to capture it and convert these greenish-looking lines that.

Xiaomi Lcd writing tablet review
Xiaomi Lcd writing tablet review

You’re seeing into actual ink. so they’re going to show up as. If you wrote your notes in the pin. So that’s something that’s pretty cool. I’ll show you an example. I did a drawing on this. The other day and I tried the app to convert the drawing into a sort of an ink look. But it is also digital I’m going to show you, what that looks like after.

It’s been converted and it’s a very simple process that takes about two-three seconds. It’s not even something that’s time-consuming. So, you can easily use this to replace a ton of notebooks at school. You can use it to replace may be carrying around a laptop at work, or in college, or even high school.

just to free up some space this thing weighs.

Very Thin Very Lightweight:

So, very little that it weighs to me less than just a one-subject notebook. It’s very thin very lightweight and definitely worth checking out. This is the best writing tablet on the market in terms of design the functionality.


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Frequently Asked Questions Xiaomi Lcd writing tablet :

Does it have a magnet on the back? I would like to put it on my refrigerator?

This tablet does not have a magnet on the back.

Is it waterproof? Can I use it in the shower?

I highly doubt the tablet is waterproof. It has a small door where the battery is, and it does not appear to be waterproof. You COULD put a clear plastic bag or saran wrap around the entire tablet and still write on it with the pen in the shower if you wanted to.

How do you load documents to mark up on screen? Or how do you export your writing to your computer or cloud?

You can download Apps such as ‘Jot’ or ‘Office Lens’ with a scanning function. Scan your writings, save them as documents or pictures, and share them to your computer or any Cloud.

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