the best apps for ipads 2023: Experts iPad apps using opinion

apps are really what makes an iPad because there’s only so much you can do with the generic Apple apps they get right out of the box, you know, things like Safari, Apple notes, I’ve been playing around with a load of different apps to make the most out of my iPad Air and also iPad Pro. So I’ll share what I’ve found so far, whether you have an iPad Air Pro Mini, or just a straight-up OG iPad, my philosophy is to keep things minimal, and simple. And so these apps are must-haves, to begin with. And then usually, I build on top of these apps to personalize your own experience. Plus, for most of them, you’ll be able to get them for free.

Here is the list of the best apps for ipads 2022:

#1. Flipboard –
#2. Yoink –…
#3. ProCreate –
#4. PDF Expert –
#5. G Drive –…
#6. Notion –
#7. Instapaper –
#8. Kindle –…
#9. BetterSleep –
#10.Lightroom CC –…
#11. Bitwarden –

the best apps for ipads 2022:

Curated News app: Flipboard the best free apps for ipad

the best apps for ipads

Curated News

So let’s get stuck straight into the first app. The first app I have to recommend and I absolutely love is Flipboard.

This free app collates all the best news and trending topics into this beautiful Flipboard-style presentation. It’s a great app for just about anyone because you can customize the entire app to the topics that you love. Plus, it looks amazing on an iPad, taking advantage, of the full size of an iPad, and it just looks great browsing articles, especially if you have the 12-inch iPad Pro in this app works amazing with home screen widgets, too. If you can see here, I’ve set up home screen widgets, gears and gadgets, and Daily News. And yeah, I’m able to take a look at a glance and click on an interesting article to read more. If I’d like the second Mostafa app I want to show you is Yoink. This one is right here. Yoink is a shelf app basically. And it allows you to quickly store items on the side of the screen to use later. It sounds simple, but it’s incredibly useful.

Multi-tasking Shelf: Yoink the best apps for ipads

the best apps for ipads

Let me show you. Let’s say I’m reading a few interesting articles, I’m doing some research and I find some interesting clippings and images, all you need to do is click and hold and click Copy Image will automatically pop up over here as well. And then click Add a JPEG. Click Yes. And then you can start to see that we can start to collect a whole bunch of things here. Let’s also save this image here. Click, that’s a link. You can also click and hold text. Click Copy. And this will also add rich text here. So you can start to see that you can create a whole bunch of items here, instead of storing them elsewhere, which is you know, a little bit more inconvenient. And it just collects text snippets, images, and even full-size documents, it turns your iPad into a better desktop-like experience and makes it that much more convenient for almost any type of power user.

Art & Sketching: ProCreate the best iPad note-taking app and apps for the apple pencil

the best apps for ipads

So note-taking on the iPad one of the main perks of an iPad is of course the fact that it’s amazing to draw on when paired with an Apple Pencil. procreate is one of the few app sets and absolutely still only $10. It’s basically a complete art studio that’s as simple or as advanced as you want it to be. It’s used by creative professionals to create amazing works of art, and I also personally use it to take notes. I’ve tried a variety of note-taking apps and procreate is probably the most enjoyable when it comes to quick scribbles sketches and note-taking with the Apple Pencil for those were the newer iPads with an M one processor like this iPad Air here. This app takes advantage of the extra power you have in the new iPad. In the 120-hertz promotion displays. This one’s really a no-brainer if you’re willing to fork out the $10. Also,

Powerful PDF Reader – PDF Expert the best apps for ipads

the best apps for ipads

Next up is PDF Expert. This is an app that lets you read annotate, edit and sign PDF documents without a specific PDF app. It’s a bit of a pain to view PDFs, let alone edit them. So if you’re working with PDFs, which is most of us really then PDF Expert here is an important addition to have in your iPad library. You can do a range of things If you can import your PDFs, you can also go into one of the PDFs and annotate things and make notes. I use this app personally to highlight notes. For example, if I click on the highlight button here, you can literally start highlighting things. You can also edit the PDF up here, you can even fill and sign the PDF. If you have legal documents, and just overall read and access PDF documents or download from the web in general, you can save these and then re-upload them, and export them to a bunch of different formats, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, text into image. And then you can even upload them into your Google Drive that’s integrated right here to speaking of Google Drive,

Cloud Documents: G Drive must have apps for the ipad

the best apps for ipads

if you’re in the Google ecosystem, impressive, if you’re not at this point, then you want to download Google Drive to manage your documents in the cloud. If you’re working remotely with the iPad, I personally use and treat Google Drive as the desktop for the iPad, restoring all my folders and files and downloads. If you’re planning to open up Word documents or spreadsheets within Google Drive, which I assume you know, you will be if you’re downloading Google Drive, you’ll then need Google Sheets and Google Docs. And at that point, it’s worth downloading the entire G Suite workspace stack right here. Next up is a big, big iPad app for me and many others,

All-In-One Organizer – notion app best apps for the ipad pro

the best apps for ipads

which is a notion right here. the notion is an all-in-one app when it comes to note-taking collaboration to-do lists, Kanban boards, and more. I don’t know how I’d survive without it. I use the notion to organize my life, literally. And yeah, I manage everything through the notion it’s cloud-based. So when I jump back onto my laptop, or desktop, then all my work is immediately updated across all the devices and works well with other apps and integrations such as Google Drive. And I’m able to embed documents directly into notion and then link out to various other apps and documents. Yes, there are other iPad apps that may do certain things with the notion that much better. But I personally prefer having everything in one spot and sacrificing some benefits for simplicity. If you’re interested in how I set up all of this, and how I set up the notion and multiple works spaces,

Offline Library: Instapaper the best apps for ipads

the best apps for ipads

If you enjoy reading on your iPad as I do, you want to get an app called Instapaper. Instapaper is an app that saves pages and articles and auto formats them so that iOS-friendly while stripping away clutter. And Bestival makes all of this offline and available at any time. So you can click on any app, not app, click on to any article, and read this at any time. And it’s really nicely formatted. Once it’s saved offline to you’re able to change the appearance of the article, highlight text here, and even have it narrated back to you with the text-to-speech function. It’s super easy to use. If you go onto Google Chrome or any sort of article that you’re reading from, you can literally just click Export, and then scroll over to Instapaper. And then it’s saved. Once you go back into Instapaper, it starts loading. And then when I refresh it, it’s available at the top ready to be read. And it is a great app to have saved. So you’re able to build up a library of offline content when you need it a little similar to Instapaper.

Kindle Books on iPad – Kindle app the best apps for ipads

the best apps for ipads

We have, of course, Amazon Kindle. Now Amazon Kindle was also an app for reading lovers and a must-have starter app. In my opinion. The Kindle app allows you to read ebooks and sync up to your current Kindle library if you already have a Kindle. So the Kindle reader is great because it’s not the same experience as a native Kindle, of course, but it is great for books that have color illustrations, for example. Or if you have a more coffee tables book like this one over here or even a mango. Since the iPad is so much larger than Kindles. You also have access to the usual Kindle features like tracking your reading progress, the dictionary look-up, and also highlighting. So this is a great must-have app on the iPad to take advantage again of the portability and the screen estate that you have.

Focus & Productivity Sounds: BetterSleep the best apps for ipads

The next app is really simple but great for productivity enthusiasts. It’s called better sleep. And it’s not just for sleep. It’s also for focus, but it gives you access to a bunch of ambient noises, super cool ambient noises. And so you can start to play and mix up different sounds and match them. It really helps me focus when I need you to know the white sound. I use this app when I need to get in the zone and focus by setting up a timer for an hour working with ambient noise and then it sort of fades out when the timer is up. This app integrates seamlessly into the iPad with widgets available and native player controls to

Photo Editing: Lightroom CC

the best apps for ipads

now is the photo editing app by Adobe Lightroom. This app is also an absolute no-brainer for those into photography, or even casual enthusiasts who enjoy touching up photos. This is a great app and a powerful one that gives you a big range of controls to tweak your photo to your liking. And it also takes advantage of iPads, and computing power, if you already use Lightroom CC, using it on the iPad is a really enjoyable experience with the touch control sliders, the launch screen, and cloud syncing as well. And so I just love taking the iPad to the cafe and taking my time to color grade photos I’ve shot on the Fuji X 100 V, for example, with all these apps I’ve mentioned and all the existing ones you probably use, there’s going to be a lot of login details..

Secure Mobile Passwords: Bitwarden the best apps for ipads

the best apps for ipads

So the password manager of choice I use is bit Warden, and they have a native iPad app too. It gives me access to all my logins in one spot across devices. And so it’s pretty useful when I’m out and about with the iPad. There’s also this password generator here which is extremely useful in securing when it comes to creating new logins for new websites and securing your logins. So whenever I need to log into an app on the iPad, save a new login, or create an on the iPad, water makes it super easy. Yes, you could use Apple’s iCloud Keychain by a preferred a dedicated Password Manager. It’s just more secure and works a whole lot better for non-web logins.

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the password manager of choice I use is bitWarden, and they have a native iPad app too? It gives me access to all my logins in one spot across devices.

What apps can I put on my iPad?

G Drive app put on your iPad. if you’re in the Google ecosystem, impressive, if you’re not at this point, then you want to download Google Drive to manage your documents in the cloud.

What is the best WhatsApp for iPad?

Messenger for WhatsApp.

what is the best note taking app for ipad

ProCreate the best iPad note-taking app. note-taking on the iPad one of the main perks of an iPad is of course the fact that it’s amazing to draw on when paired with an Apple Pencil.

the best notes app for ipad

PDF Expert the PDFs and annotate things and make notes. I use this app personally to highlight notes.

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