Best of Samsung galaxy s6 lite Tablet review 2023

Galaxy Tab s6 Light is the latest Android tablet to attempt to take on Apple’s ruling vanilla iPad. today we can read the Samsung galaxy s6 lite Tablet review. It’s got a similar set of features to the iPad, but also sweetens the deal with little things like a stylus, custom apps, and a free cover thrown in.

But does it do enough to tempt you away from the King of tablets these days including the iPad don’t have cutting-edge designs, and this remains true with the Galaxy Tab s6 light?

Samsung galaxy s6 lite Tablet review

It’s not going to win any design awards, but it’s functional and it looks fine. Thankfully, the device does tick all the right boxes when it comes to portability and builds quality.

  • The metal uses the surprisingly scrape resistance given on this dark gray version where you’d expect scratches to appear all over the place.
  • It’s also thin enough and light enough to be carried one-handed and fit into most regularly size bags, which is really useful.
  • The extras that Samsung has loaded with are also to be applauded. And like its iPad competition.
Samsung galaxy s6 lite Tablet Details
Series:Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite WiFi
Screen Size:10.4
Operating System:Android 10
Memory Storage Capacity:64 GB
Samsung galaxy s6 lite Tablet review

Samsung galaxy s6 lite Tablet review:

Samsung bundle the tablet’s light with an S Pen stylus. The stylus isn’t as comfortable to hold as the Apple Pencil but its functionality is excellent. Unlike the Apple Pencil, it offers enough resistance to feel like a regular panel and jot down notes. We’re doing quick sketches on the iPad, which makes it feel really nice. At the time of recording Samsung’s also offered a free book cover with the tablet, as well as offering added protection. It also lets you stand the tablet at two different angles and has a magnetic DOP for the S Pen. The sales around 60 quid as a standalone product so the fact that it’s free at the moment is not to be sniffed at camera performance is never stellar in a tablet and the tab six lights rear camera is fine for basic snaps and regulating. Though if you haven’t even a moderately decent smartphone camera, you’re probably better off using that instead of this.

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Screen & Audio: Samsung galaxy s6 lite Tablet review

Samsung galaxy s6 lite Tablet review

Samsung makes some amazing AMOLED screens for their phones with wonderfully deep inky blacks and vibrant colors, which is why it really sucks they don’t have one on this. This instead uses a TFT screen which is 10.4 inches and 2000 by 1200 resolution. Now the use of a TFT panel isn’t a deal-breaker due to the tablet’s cost. Even the more expensive Huawei m phi Pro features an LCD screen so it’s disappointing but not unexpected. The screen is also more than good enough for casual use colors don’t look overcooked, and the resolution is sharp enough that the text and icons remain legible even on apps that haven’t been properly optimized for a tablet, and there are a few of them. The only other issue with resolutions when watching the video here is the drop is noticeable, especially when moving from a new iPad, video, and Netflix and watching films just won’t have as good whites on occasion can look a little dirty, and viewing angles could be a little wider. But these emissions are forgivable given the strong Mac brightness levels which are good enough for the tablet to remain legible in sunlit conditions, so you can finally have a tablet that you can use in the sunshine this summer. audio performance is good enough for Netflix streaming offering reasonably good max volumes and tonal balance, but the speakers aren’t as good as the ones on even the most basic iPad which is unfortunate.

Performance: Samsung galaxy s6 lite Tablet

The iPad line has always offered unparalleled performance in the tablets featuring Apple’s top-notch a series CPU processes, and the Galaxy Tab six-light doesn’t appear to match the iPad on paper for the power it’s packing in there. The as an optical Xenos nine 611 CPU with four gigabytes of RAM and real-world terms. That means it deals with all the basic stuff you’d expect, but it does sometimes Gitta when tasked with something more demanding like playing graphic-heavy games at their highest settings. So while it’s not winning any fights with Apple’s iPad and apparel department, it’s more than powerful enough for note-taking streaming video, and surfing the web. Note Taking in particular is a great assumption that has loaded the tablet with a few atypical apps and features that make it quick and easy to take advantage of the S Pen. A small icon pops on the screen whenever you hold the S Pen close to it. It features quick shortcuts to things like creating a note screenwriting annotate and AR doodle. The features are small, but they’re super useful when doing things like annotating a document or leaving comments on a spreadsheet. So if you love taking notes on your tablet, or you have to annotate documents every day, this tablet could be perfect. The only real performance issue is that the chipset isn’t 5g or Wi-Fi six ready, which will be a problem down the line when the new conductivity tech comes standard.

Software: Samsung galaxy s6 lite Tablet

The biggest issue affecting pretty much every Android tablet is that Google’s operating system is not designed to work on such a large form factor. It’s firmly a mobile OS. This is why certain apps look odd running on a larger tablet and the general user interface isn’t as intuitive as the iPad which is one of Apple’s tablet focus iPad OS where which harms the tab six-light is for creative users looking for an affordable alternative to the iPad Pad Pro.

For Creatives: Samsung galaxy s6 lite Tablet

One of the many key selling points of the iPad Pro for creatives is how well the Apple Pencil and other styluses work with the tablet in creative apps. It’s something that Apple has been working on for years and it shows the Play Store here just doesn’t feature enough apps with proper stylus support, which makes it a real shame. However, it does make it an easier decision. If you are a creative look at this tablet. This is not a replacement for the iPad Pro, Samsung’s One UI is another minor annoyance. The skin isn’t the worst we’ve tested thanks to its touchscreen optimizations, but it still isn’t as good or as clean as native Android going in, you’ll still find a few duplicate apps things as calendar or custom icons used to replace androids native ones, and they’re just not as nice.

Battery: Samsung galaxy s6 lite Tablet

Galaxy Tab s6 Light is powered by a 7014 milliamp battery and Samsung says it offers between 12 and 13 hours of regular use. Using the device as my main personal tablet I easily got a full week’s use out of it before needing to top it up with a charge with regular use. This entailed using Netflix sporadically throughout the day browsing the internet and a quick game of pub G every now and again. So the figures are pretty standard for a tablet of this size. And Samsung is kind of on the money with 12 to 13 hours. So it’s nice to know that you’ll get about a full week’s use of it before you need to talk it up.

Verdict: Samsung galaxy s6 lite Tablet review

So the big question is, Should you buy the Galaxy Tab s6 light. It’s an interesting time for Android tablets with most companies including Google having thrown in the towel many moons ago. This tablet’s only real competition comes from the Huawei media pad M five Pro. And that targets a much more premium segment of the market and crucially doesn’t feature access to most Google services including the Playstore. So that takes that tablet contention immediately really. So this means that by default, the Galaxy Tab s6 Light is one of the best tablets around. But there are some niggling issues to stop it from being the iPad killer it sets out to be if you’re a student or casual user looking for a mobile note-taking station or a portable way to stream video, but don’t fancy an iPad then the Galaxy Tab s6 Light is a decent option. It comes with a decent S Pen stylus, a reliable battery, and solidly made satchel-friendly design issues its slightly underpowered CPU and unoptimized Android skin mean creatives and power users should probably look elsewhere.

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FAQ: Samsung galaxy s6 lite Tablet review

How does the pen work by battery or lug in?

The pen works without a battery.

Can it be used as a drawing tablet? Can it run the Procreate app?

Unfortunately Procreate is available only on the iPad. SketchBook is a similar app that is available on this tablet.

Does it come with a charger and headphones?

Mine has a charger but did not come with earphones.

Is the android 10 on this upgradeable?

yes, the android 10 is upgradeable to Android 11.

Why does the battery take forever to charge? is that normal?

Does Ours fully charge in 3 hrs??!!! Usually, with constant use on youtube, it will last about 4hrs. Other than that doing other tasks lasts longer.

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