TOP 10 Best Note Taking E Readers 2023

In this article, we read about Best Note-Taking E-Readers 2022. In the past couple of years, notes or e-readers with note-taking capabilities have gotten extremely popular. Now we are able to scrape together a list of ten. Today we are counting down the top Best Note-Taking E-Readers, or e notes 2022.

Here are the top  10 Best Note-Taking E-Readers 2023 :

10. iFlytek AI Note.

9. Boyue Likebook Ares.

8. iReader Smart 2.

7. Xiaomi W7.

6. Boyue Likebook Alita.

5. Onyx Boox Max Lumi.

4. Fujitsu Quaderno A4.

3. Supernote A5.

2. Remarkable 2.

1. Onyx Boox Note Air.

Best Note-Taking E-Readers

10. iFlytek AI NoteNote Taking E Readers

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Coming in at last place, at number 10 is the iFlytek AI Note. it has a 9.7-inch screen. Which are very interesting screen sizes and a sim card slot. It comes with its own stylus but it doesn’t really inspire anything. It’s really just that base model Wacom stylus.

We’ve been seeing for the past six years. This device has amazing ai recognition and transcribing. It has the voice to text. It has handwriting recognition. It is actually quite nice now.

It has a lot of downsides it is Chinese only through and through limited availability and the warranty and repair are extremely difficult. Because the company has little to no international experience, therefore, they have no communication.

When it comes to international inquiries. But to be fair this device was never really meant to be sold outside of mainland China.

9. Boyue Likebook AresNote Taking E Readers

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Number nine is the Boyue Likebook Ares. This device was priced really well. it was a good form factor it looked great. It came with a free case, it ran open android and you could basically select any language.

But the stylus was really plain. It was nothing really spectacular in terms of the overall UI and the updates were extremely slow people who have. This device and other devices.

By the Boyue Likebook Ares have to wait upwards of one year to get android updates and even when that update finally comes. It’s already too old and outdated by almost two android versions.

8. iReader Smart 2Note Taking E Readers

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Number eight is the iReader Smart 2. Now this one is actually coming from a company. That was the first one to make the modern color e-reader. That we all know the I reader c6. this device looks phenomenal. It feels great,

It has the best stylus on the market currently and it has onboard audio but again. It’s only in Chinese there’s no other language not even in English toggle. The availability is next to nothing. They don’t have international compliance stamps and the warranty of the communication.

The repair is virtually impossible because. This device is not meant for the outside market although. It is a good iReader and it is a good note-taker in and of itself if you are able to get your hands on one of these.

It’s pretty much a one-and-done purchase unless. You go through third-party companies to really help facilitate warranties and repair you’re pretty much on your own.

7. Xiaomi W7Note Taking E Readers

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Number seven is the Xiaomi W7.This thing was incredible and it has an amazingly beautiful pen. One of a kind it’s very sleek and very modern and it looks like one of those signature pens you use to sign contracts. It has an open android,

It’s well built and it’s made with good materials. But the downside again is that. Its Chinese only limited functionality it felt a little dry there wasn’t a whole lot of personality around it and even if you were to load in your own launcher.

Change it to English or any other language only. That initial launcher is English everything else is Chinese. So even if you do set it to your own language only twenty percent of it is actually, Your own language all the settings and drop downs and everything else is just gonna be in Chinese.

6. Boyue Likebook AlitaNote Taking E Readers

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Number six is the Boyue Likebook Alita. This was a fully loaded device and actually, one of the best bangs for your buck devices. It had good text conversion and it did it in multiple languages.

As well you can write on the screen in any language and it just knows what you’re doing. When it comes to changing your handwriting again though 2020 was not boy’s year. Because not only did they release nothing.

This year the updates were super slow just right now. Everything’s getting 8.1 but other companies are on to 10. it wasn’t built too well had that boring stylus and again. the lack of communication. Updates from the Boyue Likebook just really couldn’t set, this any higher than.

5. Onyx Boox Max LumiNote Taking E Readers

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Number six, we’re into the back half here with number five, the Onyx Boox Max Lumi. This is basically the be-all and all of the devices. It does everything, it’s a second screen split-screen.

X mode videos have an awesome ecosystem and perfect response. Now the downside is that even though. You’re spending nine hundred dollars. Which makes this one of the most expensive e-readers ever.

It has a very very boring style. they actually got rid of this. One is the white stylus with the max three white of the previous generation and they’ve moved back to yet again. The old four-year-old black plastic stylus.

So it’s not really congruent with how much you’re spending with the stylus. You’re getting and also because. It’s so big and it’s so much demand for everything. The battery just didn’t last as long as you think an e-reader or e-ink device would but,

This is the first kind of time. That onyx has marketed their devices towards tablets with e-ink screens, not e-readers.

4. Fujitsu Quaderno A4Note Taking E Readers

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Number four, the Fujitsu Quaderno A4 was built beautifully. The beautiful device looks great. It has the best writing feel on the market currently. It’s safe to secure has NFC unlocks a non-glass screen.

This is very important because basically everything is just glass. Now and it had an amazing stylus in fact one of the best styluses on the market. Now the downside is that. It was costly and it was extremely limited to the point.

Where you can’t even connect to wi-fi on this device without a computer involved. You can’t even drag and drop files over to this device without proprietary software. But this was a breath of fresh air for the old sony hardware and Fujitsu Quaderno A4 really brought back to life.

What made sony so popular in the first place. it would not be a list without the super note device on here this is.

3. Supernote A5Note Taking E Readers

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Number three, the supernote a5 is probably one of the most amazing lines of digital stationery currently available. The stylus that comes with it is all metal they have the heart of metal series.

Which are beautiful pens that come in a variety of colors and styles they even have a proprietary rubber screen protector. They put over the entire surface of the device. That gives you all of the writing feel and none of the wear. Tear and this generation actually come with ceramic nibs.

This means the nibs never have to be replaced and they never wear down as other graphite devices do. Now this was again kind of limited there are a lot of software bugs and it wasn’t particularly cheap for what you’re getting.

The device already is one year old but from the amazing selection of pens to the sidebar touch. The proprietary back rail this thing is definitely deserving of the top. Three note-taking devices in 2022.

2. Remarkable 2Note Taking E Readers

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Number two is the Remarkable 2. Remarkable has only been around for a couple of years and yet they’ve done. What they’re good at they make a distraction-free note-taking device. It’s built extremely well has an all-right pen. A good pen selection.

It’s completely distraction-free meaning. There are no applications there are no dings and doodles and there’s nothing that comes out of this device. except for a true writing experience. the price is all right and had a good writing feel. But honestly, the first generation was a little better now because.

This is so distraction-free. It is one of the most limited devices on the market. You can’t install any apps there’s no bookstore. You can’t drag and drop files without the proprietary remarkable software involved and at one-time passcode and you can only have one device registered at a time.

It’s actually a pain to even transfer content to this device. One of the biggest cons actually comes from the source. That is that the distribution and the availability are absolutely painful some people have been waiting upwards of eight months.

Ten batches and eight weeks of delays and delays. So it’s really even difficult to get this item to begin with honorable mention. Before we get to our number one spot and that is the father of all note-taking. The DPT cp1 rp1 generation sony basically started everything with the s1. Way back in the day and they’ve spawned everyone else to follow suit.

If it wasn’t for sony we wouldn’t see. The widespread popularity and availability of e-notes are as big as we would now. Sony was the first to do it, they did it right, and no more evident with the sony devices as the rp1.

The rp1 was perfect but. It was just super limited it came out in 2016 2017 depending on. If you’re talking about the japan market or the North American market at this point.

It’s just a little old and tired and a little bit long in the tooth. But that isn’t to say that the hardware is bad. Because the hardware is actually so top-notch and so well built from the get-go that two companies in 2020. Have actually followed suit and made their own devices based on the sony hardware one of them being on this list.

Which are the Fujitsu Quaderno and the other one being. The quirk logic paper out of Canada. the hardware was so good. That sony is still alive and well not only selling. The DPT’s through their Japanese channel and goody reader.

But they’re actually manufacturing for other companies. The DPT will go down in history as one of the best e-notes of all time. However, this is a 2022 list and this device was built almost half a decade ago. We can’t exactly place it within this.

1. Onyx Boox Note AirNote Taking E Readers

Detail about Best Note-Taking E-Readers:(Onyx Boox Note Air) 


List number one is the Onyx Boox Note Air. It is objectively number one because on paper and in the real world uses. this is pretty much the perfect e-note. It’s open android meaning. That you can make your experience.

On your own, you can even uninstall everything and make it as distraction-free as the remarkable. It has onboard audio Bluetooth wi-fi text-to-speech voice dictation has a great stylus. It’s a very accurate great writing feel. It’s made out of an entire aluminum block with a glass screen.

It’s cheaper than its competitors. It’s a very premium feeling. It has x mode you can watch videos in any language and they’ve been in business for 12 years. This device literally has no cons. We could even pick out if we’re stretching.

We can say sure, it doesn’t have an sd card slot, or a sim card slot. But both those two things aren’t exactly industry standard almost nobody except a few Chinese companies even use a sim card slot.

The onyx books air is the best bang for your buck. It’s the best overall form factor. It’s fast it’s responsive, it comes with a complete package and it’s just priced perfectly. The number one spot definitely goes to the onyx books air.

If you guys agree with our list, If you guys disagree with our list you have to leave some comments down below and for an overall top 10 list of the best e-notes or e-readers with note-taking capabilities of 2022. 

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