New Ipad Air 5 Review 2023: ( Ipad Air 5 After 1 Month Of Use)

In this article, we can read about New Ipad Air 5 Review 2022. The iPad Air five is a confusing product. And I don’t mean that it’s hard to use or that it’s not a good iPad. It’s very good. And it’s super easy to use. I just think that it’s going to confuse people. I also get some questions about creaking and the build quality. So I tested three different iPad Air fives and compare them to my iPad Air four, and we’ll talk about that in a minute. Now Apple had an interesting challenge with this iPad, they needed to upgrade the already impressive iPad Air four, and at the same time, they needed to keep enough separation from the 11-inch iPad Pro.

New Ipad Air 5 Review
New Ipad Air 5 Review

New Ipad Air 5 Review 2022:

Size and the design: New Ipad Air 5

When we look at the size and the design, we’re getting the same exact iPad that we got with the air for it’s a premium-looking tablet with small bezels all the way around squared-off edges and the same 10.9-inch display with rounded corners, we have the volume up and down controls on the right a power button at the top for speaker grills and an upgraded USB-C port at the bottom with a maximum transfer speed of 10 gigabits per second, this is twice the speed that we were getting with the iPad Air four, but it’s only a quarter of the transfer speed of the Thunderbolt slash USB four-port on the 11 inch iPad Pro. The power button on the iPad Air five also includes.

Touch ID: New Ipad Air 5

Apple’s newer implementation was of Touch ID same as what we had with the previous model. And of course, the iPad Pro comes with face ID instead, when I got my first iPad Air five,

Build quality: New Ipad Air 5

it felt exactly like the previous model in terms of build quality. And my assumption was that Apple just use the same frame as with the air for then I got a few questions in one of my articles about whether I had any creaking or build quality issues with mine. And I decided to do some testing the majority of the time I have my iPad and a case and this one from the zoo is an absolute beast. And I was thinking maybe that’s why I didn’t notice any creaking. Ultimately, I ended up having to buy a second iPad and then trading it for a third model for a completely different reason, which I’ll talk about later on in the article.

So I took all three tablets and I started pressing everywhere on the back trying to make them creak. And I couldn’t hear anything I then took my iPad Air for and I did several blind tests versus the iPad Air five as far as sound or bending. And again, I didn’t notice any difference. Now just to be clear about bending. I’m not saying that you can’t bend this tablet like I’m sure I could just like I could bend any other tablet that I own. But what I’m saying is that in no reasonable way that I would ever use store or transport the air five would I worry about it bending. I’m also saying that at least with the three iPad Air five models that I tested, I had no build quality issues.

And there was nothing that would suggest to me that I should have any long-term concerns about structural integrity.

  • Now I know that’s not the super controversial results that would get me all those clicks and views but I always do my best to share my actual user experience with you.
  • And this was it. Now going back to the case that I was using.
  • If you’re not new to my channel that you know that I’m not the most careful person with my tablets or my phones,
  • so I’m always going to have them in case I’ve been using the alpha from the zoo.
  • It’s an absurdly well-made case to the point where they will actually pay your Apple Care repair fees.

If your iPad gets damaged while you’re using this case. The outer shell has a premium feel and a leather texture to it. The interior is microfiber to protect your iPad and their airflow vents are built into the back panel which allows heat to escape the bumper itself feels very solid and at the same time, it feels like it would give a little if you drop it and that’s good because it will absorb some of the impacts instead of transferring it to your iPad. All the ports buttons, the speakers, and the cameras are accessible and the fit is very snappy Azubu came out with some new colors for this case, this slight one is one of my favorites. You can go with the brown if you want more of an organic look. There are a ton of other colors on their website. Of course, you can go with matte black if you want that Batman look, it has a sleep cover. So the iPad Air five automatically wakes up and goes to sleep when you open and close the case has a different magnetically secured height adjustment on the back so you can always have your iPad at just a right angle.New Ipad Air 5 Review



I also needed a case that accommodates the second-generation Apple pencil. And you can either have it protected on the side where it’s wirelessly charging, or you can use this protective elastic sleeve on the back for more security while you’re transporting a one bonus feature is that the back is magnetic. So you can actually like put this on your fridge won’t scratch anything and it’s very secure.

Display: New Ipad Air 5

When we look at the display of the iPad Air five we’re getting a 10.9-inch Retina display with a resolution of 2360 by 16 4500 nits of brightness and 264 pixels per inch. It’s a p3 display so it has excellent color reproduction and that way you can use it for photo and video editing. It’s also a True Tone display so you can detect the color temperature of the ambient light and then make adjustments to keep white looking white rather than yellow or blue. This is the same 60-hertz display that we had on the iPad Air Force so there weren’t any upgrades there.

And if you’re looking for 120 hertz, then you’ll need to move up to the 11-inch iPad. Pro, which has Apple’s promotion, if you give me the choice, I’m always going to want 120 hertz if I can get it and at the same time, 60 hertz is not something that’s ever been an issue for me with the iPad Air five, or the iPad Air for, for that matter.

Battery life: New Ipad Air 5

Now battery life was something that was a bit of a concern for me because I assume that the M one chip, which I’ll get to in a minute, would use up more battery because it’s so powerful. Now, what’s nice is that it can use high-efficiency cores for basic tasks. And that way, saves on battery life. Now, of course, if you push it, if you’re rendering video, or doing anything that maxes out the multicore performance, then the battery is used up more quickly. So far, I haven’t noticed a meaningful difference between what I had with the iPad Air for when it was new. But I’m curious to see what happens over the next couple of months. And let me know if you want me to do a battery test.

Now both the 64 and 256-gigabyte models of the iPad Air five come with the same M one chip and eight gigabytes of RAM. For single-core performance, we’re looking at 1720. And for multi-core performance, we’re getting a super impressive 7220. And to be able to get this level of performance for $599 is pretty remarkable. But there is one thing that’s holding this iPad back.New Ipad Air 5 Review

Storage: New Ipad Air 5

And that’s storage, you see I first got the 64-gigabyte model, which was the same as what I had on the iPad Air four. And even though the iPad Air four wasn’t full, yet, it still had too much on it to allow me to copy the apps and data to my new iPad Air five. So I ended up having to get to a 256-gigabyte model in order to transfer everything. So with this m one chip and apples outstanding long-term support, this iPad Air five should last me for a very long time, which is why offering a 64-gigabyte model was so frustrating to me, we’re using the M one chip.

So it’s the same as what we have on the 11-inch iPad Pro, which starts at 128 gigabytes. And it has a 512 gig model, both of which come with eight gigabytes of RAM, just like the iPad Air fine. So Apple could have used that exact same chip in this iPad, and given users storage options that are much better suited for a device that will be plenty powerful more than five years from now. Now remember what I said at the beginning, Apple was facing an interesting challenge in improving the previous model and staying far enough away from the iPad Pro.

I think the meaningful advantages of the 11-inch iPad Pro come in areas other than processing power and I cover all of that in my comparison, and I would have loved to see the iPad Air five start at 128 gigabytes and then an upgraded 512 Gig option. I do want to mention that when you hear people say why to get to 256 gigabyte iPad Air five when you can get an 11-inch iPad Pro for an extra 50 bucks. That’s not totally fair, because that’s the 128-gigabyte model to get 256 gigs on the 11 inches iPad Pro, you need to jump up to $899 which is $150 more and I talked about who I think should do that. In my comparison.

Multitasking: New Ipad Air 5

Looking at multitasking the iPad Air five comes with iPad os 15. So you have all the new features like split view slide over windows and a new multitasking menu. You can also use it as an additional display for your Mac iMac or MacBook with a feature called sidecar. It’s something that I do all the time. And if you have an iPad and you’re not using it, definitely read that article to learn more.

Camera system:

And when we look at the camera system, there was no upgrade to the rear-facing camera.

So it’s the same 12-megapixel camera that we have on the iPad Air four, it does get to take advantage of the new ISP or image signal processor on the M one chip, which results in improved image quality. Apple did upgrade the front-facing camera to the newer 12-megapixel camera that we see on all the other current iPad models. And this brought better image quality and center stage to the iPad Air five. In case you haven’t seen this feature, essentially the ultra-wide camera can identify and track a subject as it moves around, and then zoom in and out to make sure that it’s properly framed. It’s great for video calls when you’re walking around. And it’s definitely an advantage over the previous model.New Ipad Air 5 Review

Speakers: New Ipad Air 5

As far as the speakers go, we see four speaker grills but there are still only two speakers one on each side,

Audio quality: 

the audio quality is actually quite good. And yet this was another opportunity where Apple could have made a small upgrade. Now when we look at the accessories from Apple,

The magic keyboard: New Ipad Air 5

we can use the smaller magic keyboard and the second-generation Apple pencil which pairs and charges on the side of the iPad. There weren’t any upgrades in terms of latency or the functions of the Apple Pencil and I’m super curious to see what they do with the third-generation pencil.

What do you guys think about adding some wireless functions?

Of course, there are a ton of other accessories that I use with this iPad and I’ll have that article ready for you very soon.

So why do I think the iPad Air five might be confusing by bringing the M one chip down to the mid-tier iPad?

Apple is saying look at how much processing power you can get for $599. But I would guess that your average iPad Air user is looking for more storage rather than more processing power. Otherwise, they’d be looking at the iPad Pro.

Overall the iPad Air five

I wonder if most iPad Air users would prefer the A 15 bionic chip from the iPad Mini six with more storage instead of the M one chip with more processing power and more RAM but let me know what you think overall the iPad Air five is a very good iPad it’s better than the iPad Air for which was already one of my favorites. You can still get a 256 gigabyte iPad Air for 649 which I think is a great value. Of course, if you want a more powerful chip twice the ram a faster port a better front-facing camera and 5g get the iPad Air five. You know what I always say buy nice or buy twice. Good luck and see you soon.

Is the new iPad Air 5 worth it?

If you really need those extra features, it’s your best bet and is absolutely worth it

Is the iPad Air 5 a good iPad?

Yes! iPad Air 5 is a good iPad. it sports an industrial design that looks great and feels good in the hand,

Is iPad AIR 2022 worth buying?

no. It was still good for use.

Does iPad Air 5 have a USB port?

an upgraded USB-C port at the bottom with a maximum transfer speed of 10 gigabits per second, this is twice the speed that we were getting with the iPad Air four, but it’s only a quarter of the transfer speed of the Thunderbolt slash USB four-port on the 11 inch iPad Pro.

Model Name IPad Air 5
Operating System
Screen Size 10.9 Inches
Generation 5th Generation
Brand Apple

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