iPad mini 6 vs iPad Air 4 2023: Which IPad is Best For You?

IN this article we can read about the iPad mini 6 vs iPad Air 4 Which should you buy? Apple finally redesigned the iPad Mini. We have the iPad Mini six right here. But now the question is, should you buy it or should you spend $100 more and buy the iPad Air?

Well, today we’re gonna compare every single difference. They both have their strengths and their weaknesses. And by the end of the article, you will know which one you should buy.

We’ll be comparing the exterior differences, the speakers, the displays, the CPU, the graphics, performance, accessories, and more.

iPad mini 6 vs iPad air 4
iPad mini 6 vs iPad air 4

Exterior Differences: iPad mini 6 vs iPad Air 4

Starting out with the exterior differences, you guys could see that there is a huge difference in size based on the website, and spec sheets sound like that big difference, but the iPad Mini six is much smaller than the iPad Air four. And that could be a good thing or a bad thing. Now looking at the backs, we have a couple of differences.

We are missing the little flash on the iPad here for even though it’s more expensive, it does not come with the flash. And with that, also the smart connector at the bottom. And we’ll go into both of those in just a little bit.

As far as Wait, I definitely could tell the difference. The iPad mini six just feels really lightweight, I feel like it holds it all date.

Whereas the 10.9-inch iPad Air, it’s definitely much heavier, and that can be tiring if you’re gonna hold it for a long time. Interestingly, the iPad Mini is actually slightly thicker than the air for now the Air Force also has the buttons, the volume buttons here at the same spot they’ve always been, whereas the mini apple has moved them right there to the top on the left-hand side because they made room for the Apple Pencil connector right here on the right side.

Because the Mini is so small, the Apple Pencil literally takes almost the full length of the iPad compared to the air where obviously the things are much larger and you still have room for the volume rocker.

Now thankfully, the iPad Mini now also gets USB type C connectivity,

which means that you have a lot more flexibility than lightning, you can use a USB type C to an HDMI cable instead of having to buy the adapter from Apple which is great, it’s just a lot better overall, both of these are using Apple’s new Touch ID sensor that is built into the power button, which is really handy because you can just press the power button.

you know log you in automatically and read your fingerprint, it is a little bit easier to use on the many because of how small it is, you can reach up and access it either way. Whereas with Air Force, it’s larger so you’re shuffling your hands around more so now right there as well you guys could see we have two speaker girls and the same thing goes for the Mini.

Finally, the Mini has speakers on both sides at the top there and then also at the bottom so that if you’re watching a movie or a video or a game, you hear sound from both sides, which is great. So before we jump into the screen comparison.

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Speaker Comparison: iPad mini 6 vs iPad Air 4

iPad mini 6 vs iPad air 4
iPad mini 6 vs iPad air 4

let’s go ahead and compare the speakers alright guys, let me know your thoughts down in the comment section below. And I will say that these speakers are nerves of quality sound very similar now that I bet air four is louder, especially in the high-end frequencies. Those highs like the vocals, they stand out more, whereas the mini seems a little bit more toned down.

And the bass between them surprisingly is about the same. So the same amount of bass the volume, it’s just the highest standard more so on the iPad Air but let me know what you guys think down below.

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Display Differences: iPad mini 6 vs iPad Air 4

iPad mini 6 vs iPad air 4

And now let’s compare the displays other than the size difference of 10.9 inches compared to 8.3 which by the way, doesn’t sound like a lot but you guys can see the screen difference is really big. Everything else is very similar. The contrast is very similar. Both have the same 500 nits of brightness. So I just did that top camera.

And as you guys could see they are very similar in brightness, Ewing angles are also very similar. The one difference I see is that the mini six, it actually has a warmer white balance when you have TrueTone enabled, which I do so it’s just apples tuning. Both of them do support HDR videos, but for some reason, when you’re watching these HDR videos.

The iPad Mini six is actually brighter and HDR pops more so now another difference you may notice is that the black bars are bigger on the iPad Air four at the top and the bottom than the iPad Mini. Now that’s because the iPad Mini is actually more widescreen than the air four is the aspect ratio is a little bit different with that said if I was buying an iPad to watch a lot of movies or videos, I would go for the iPad Air for just because you have that larger display.

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Accessory Support: iPad mini 6 vs iPad Air 4

iPad mini 6 vs iPad air 4

As I mentioned earlier, both of these now support the Apple Pencil two, which you can tap on and it charges and attaches magnetically, which is nice that both of these have a 60-hertz display. So that means there is no 120-hertz promotion. So there’s no difference as far as smoothness when you’re flipping through these home pages or anything like that.

Now, the one difference that we do have is that smart connected that I showed up at the start, meaning that you can buy Apple’s magic keyboard, and you can attach it, and then you will have access to this nice keyboard. So you can type you can use the trackpad and use it more like a laptop replacement, whereas the iPad Mini six does not have that. So it will not be a laptop replacement.

And the screen is not really big enough for that. But because of this new redesign there, they do have a new smart folio, which also uses magnets just like the other tablets with this design to attach. And then not only does it protect the front, and then you can also roll this up if you want to have like a little stand for your iPad, but it protects the back as well which is very convenient.

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Geekbench 5 CPU: iPad mini 6 vs iPad Air 4

iPad mini 6 vs iPad air 4

And now let’s get into the performance. And I’m extremely interested in this because even though the iPad Air costs more money 100 hours more, it comes with the A 14 bionic compared to the A 15 in the iPad Mini six.

  • Now, as far as RAM we used to have a difference. The iPad mini used to come with three gigs instead of four. Now both of them come with four gigs of RAM,
  • which is great. And as far as graphics.
  • Well, this thing has that five-core graphics processor.
  • But let’s go ahead and start out with the CPU. And let’s run a Geekbench five. All right, we have our results.

And this is a lot closer than you might expect. As far as single-core we’re going from 1579 to 1600. Basically the same and multicore from 40 to 15 to 4519. Not that much faster than the iPad Mini. And that is for a couple of reasons.

Well first off the 14 in the iPad Air is actually faster, it runs quite a bit quicker than the one in the iPhone 12. It’s not limited by heat or thermals have not slowed down. Whereas the 15 and the iPad Mini it is actually slow down compared to the iPhone Thirteen because they want to save battery life.

So that is why the scores are so close. So as far as CB performance, there’s really not that big of a difference.

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Geekbench 5 Metal GPU: iPad mini 6 vs iPad Air 4

iPad mini 6 vs iPad air 4

But now let’s go ahead and go back and we’re going to run the compute test, which looks at graphics. All right, we have a result. And this is interesting, the iPad Air for score 12,500 Compared to 13,500 for the Mini.

So that is because the five core graphics in the mini once again, it is slowed down a little bit compared to the iPhone 13 pros in order to save battery life, so it actually uses less power, than the graphics chip inside the iPad Air.

So that means less heat, less power usage, stuff like that. But of course, this tests a lot of different things. We have particle physics, we have HDR, all that. So let’s go ahead and test out the performance. When you’re actually gaming.

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3DMark Wild Life Extreme: iPad mini 6 vs iPad Air 4

iPad mini 6 vs iPad air 4

This is 3d Mark’s new wildlife extreme, I’m gonna run the regular mode where we can actually see what kind of performance we’re getting here, and taking a look at it, the frame rates are constantly higher. On the new mini, we have 17 Compared to 1615. Over here, this is reaching about 20.

Of course, they’re actually a little bit off because the mini loader this a few seconds faster. So we’ll do an SSD speed test here in just a bit right over here we can see that the Mini is a little bit more choppy, but this is a 4k test that is pushing these really, really hard.

Alright, we have our results here. And it looks like the difference is very similar slightly higher than before. We have 14.8 frames per second compared to 16 So about 9% or so. But once again other than a few frames per second. the difference is not that big. So now let’s go ahead and close this.

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SSD Storage Speed Test: iPad mini 6 vs iPad Air 4

And let’s test out the storage speed. Because both of these come with 64 gigs of storage, they don’t come with 120. And you have to spend another 150.

If you want the 256-gigabyte storage upgrade option, I have a jazz disk bench opened up right here, we’re gonna go ahead and hit start on both of them, I ran this a few times just to make sure we’re getting consistent results. Because the results are very interesting.

Over here with the iPad Air, we have a 911 megabyte per second read compared to 484, that’s almost twice as fast for the iPad Air. And then as far as right, the difference isn’t as big the iPad Air is faster by about 30 megabytes per second or so.

So looks like the storage, that memory that’s built into the iPad is of a higher class or faster. Now, that’s weird, because that benchmark loaded up quicker with the Mini, maybe just because of the faster a 15 processor.

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Camera Quality Comparison: iPad mini 6 vs iPad Air 4

And now let’s talk about the cameras. On the front, we have a huge difference. The iPad Air four has an older camera system, whereas the Mini has that new center stage camera where it could zoom out, it’s an ultra-wide shot, and they can crop in digitally.

  • So it’s much better. If you’re going to be using FaceTime, and other meetings like zoom or anything else.
  • Here’s the ultra-wide camera on the mini. And the quality of the built-in microphones. Of course, you can record as wide as this, or you could choose to crop in to have it look more like a standard iPad.
  • And this is the microphone and video quality from the iPad Air four. So that’s a good see if you’re holding it with your hand. It is pretty zoomed-in.

Now you guys let me know which one sounded better in terms of microphones down in the comment section below. Now, because the minis camera is ultra-wide it has to crop in digitally to give you a standard photo.

So go ahead, let me know. Does it look much worse because of that digital crop compared to the heirs? Or is it pretty close? Now here’s a comparison photo using the iPads 12-megapixel cameras on the back, you guys let me know which looks better.

And both of these can record 4k 60 frames per second with those rear cameras. But only the iPad mini has that flash, you guys let me know if that is at all important to you.

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Should You Upgrade?

And now for our verdict?

Should you buy the new iPad Mini six?

Well, it really depends. Personally, for me, I liked the iPad Mini a lot more. I liked the size, it’s a good size that’s very convenient for a lot of things. If you’re surfing the web, if you’re doing email, and you want to keep it in a tablet form. And especially if you’re playing games, this is so convenient, it is a perfect size. Now with that it is newer, it just got updated, it’s going to not going to be updated for a while has a 15 processor, it does perform better when you’re gaming, and it has a center stage camera. So I would be totally fine buying this, knowing that it’s going to be current for a long time. And I could just take it around with me everywhere because it’s so small, you just slip it into a bag. That’s why I like this.

Should you buy the iPad Air?

Now there are reasons to buy the iPad Air four, as well. If you’re gonna be watching a lot of movies, it does get louder and you have that large display. With that, if you’re going to be drawing with Apple Pencil, I would definitely go for the iPad Air that if somebody just wants to take notes, that iPad Mini is great. There’s enough space to write.
You could do multiple pages, stuff like that. But for drawing people that draw for artists, you do want a larger canvas. And along with that, if you’re looking for something that is a laptop replacement, you can buy a magic keyboard for it as well. And then this could be kind of like your main laptop that could do most of the tasks of a laptop. So for that reason, the iPad Air four is a lot more flexible, but you got to spend more money and deal with the larger size and weight. And then if you want to add on a keyboard like this, you’re spending a lot more money.

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So that is what I would buy depending on what your use case is. You guys let me know your thoughts. If you guys have any specific questions you guys can ask them down in the comment section below. With that. Thanks for reading this article hope you know iPad mini 6 vs iPad Air 4 which is best.

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