5 Way How To Use The Ipad Pencil on IPhone & ANY IPad 2022

Hey, guys in today’s article I want to show you, how to use an Apple pencil with an older generation iPad in an iPhone. Now assuming our iPhones. Do not support an Apple pencil at all and only selected iPads can use.

The Apple pen so but for the last couple of days. I’ve been using a home remedy. I guess you can call it a life hack. That allows me to use the Apple pencil on the iPad and even on the iPhone.

How To Use The IPAD Pencil?

Step one:  (how to use the IPAD pencil)

how to use the ipad pencil

Now, this is a little crafty is not the most nice-looking thing. But it does get the job done.

So, first, how do we do it. Let’s go ahead and move these out the way and you’re gonna need of course. The Apple pencil or a stylus and a paper towel with a little bit of water.

This stuff you can find anywhere a paper towel and water so you’re gonna grab a paper towel. You’re gonna fold it and then you want to go ahead and rip it in half once you rip. It’s in half all you have to do is just go ahead and fold it one more time and one more time like that right. So, what do you want to do?

Step Two:  (how to use the IPAD pencil)

ipad pencil

Now is go ahead and grab the Apple pencil and you want to place it. So, the Apple pencil is sticking out just a little bit out there right. They’re just like that and then fold. it in itself is just like this right. So, once you fold it you want to make it. So, that it’s really tight kind of twist. It’s a little bit until you get something that looks like this. Right here which, I already prepared. It’s basically a mold of the Apple pencil itself.

Step three:  (how to use the IPAD pencil)

Now, if you use a thinner napkin. It’s easier for you to get the mold properly and then you can reuse it. It every time let me see. If I can get a good image of this for you guys here in the camera. So, you see what I’m talking about see the tip of the pencil is barely sticking out right there and the paper towel is wrapped around.

Once it dries a crazy sort of like a mold and it’s not the nicest looking thing. But number one you can use it on the iPhone and it works and also older iPads and you don’t even have to charge the Apple pencil. So, what do you want to do?

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Step four:  (how to use the IPAD pencil)

how to use the ipad pencil

Now here’s where the water comes into play you want to go ahead and make it. So, It’s a dam so it’s going to dip it into the water. So, it’s damp okay so once it’s damp enough now. We can go ahead and try it. I’m going to show you that.

So, there it is the napkin the tip of the pencil is barely sticking out. Let’s see if this camera can focus on this. The tip of the pencil is barely sticking out right there it is and it’s not the most beautiful looking thing.

Nut for a home life hack and does work and again you don’t have to charge it. So, let’s grab the iPhone here and see if we can get the iPhone to work with the Apple pencil there. It is we can scroll through pretty easily go in here maybe create a note. There we go and the purpose behind this is because the water surrounds the tip of the pencil when you touch it with your hands. It creates the contact that it needs to create and then it draws.

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Step five:  (how to use the IPAD pencil)

how to use the ipad pencil

So, now let’s go ahead and try the iPad and see if we can get it to work there. It is this is like a third-generation iPad. By the way,

I can use it just like that’s very responsive by the way and that’s just a quick life hack something. I wanted to share with you guys. I thought it’d be fun to share with you guys. How to get an Apple pencil to work on an iPhone with a simple life hack and I hope you guys are enjoying the article. Thank you for reading I’ll see you guys at the next pace.

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