Best Way How To Use Tablet As Second Monitor 2022 Free Via USB

Today I’ll be showing you How To Use tablet As Second Monitor Free Via USB for your computer. This is for those people who are thinking about getting a second monitor but don’t know if they need it or just people who can’t afford one. So what you’re going to need is any Android Android device, a charger for that device, and of course a computer.

What do you need to use the tablet as a second monitor:

1. Android device.

2. a computer.

3. a USB cable.

How To Use Tablet As Second Monitor?

How To Use Tablet As Second Monitor
How To Use Tablet As Second Monitor

Check Developer options:

The first thing you want to do!  if you want to go to your settings app on your Android device. Scroll all the way down until you see about the device or about the phone or whatever it says for you. Click it, scroll down until you see Build number, and spam build number until it says that you’re now a developer. So what this does is enable the developer settings. Hit back and find the developer options.

Click on the Developer options and scroll down until you see USB debugging. You want to turn that on to the app we’re going to be using today is called Two Month USB. It costs around $10 and if you could buy it, go ahead and buy it.


How To Use Tablet As Second Monitor
How To Use Tablet As Second Monitor

However, I do understand that a lot of us don’t want to spend that amount of money on an app. So what you want to do is go to Google and search for two more USB APK. Then you can go ahead and download it for free. Do it at your own risk. I won’t be held accountable if you get into any sort of trouble, so be careful when you’re doing this. This article is purely for entertainment purposes, and I do recommend purchasing the app from the store. There’s a free alternative called Ex Display. However, I won’t be using it since when I tried it, there was a lot of input delay when I was moving my mouse around. There are a lot of graphical issues, so I would recommend using two months.

How To Use Tablet As Second Monitor?

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After you get the app installed on your device, head over to your PC and go for two months. So you guys have to look for it. So hit PC download if you’re using Windows or hit Mac download if you’re using Mac. I’m using Firefox, so it’s going to ask me to save the file if you’re using Chrome, you don’t have to do this. I’m going to hit Cancel because I already have it downloaded. What you want to do is launch the installer.

install the program:

Hit okay, and let the program install it’s going to ask you for permission to install the program a couple of times. Just hit okay, when it comes up some files that are required, you might have them already installed. So this error is going to pop up saying that this program is already installed. Just ignore it. Hit okay, it’s completely normal.

install a new device:

Since it’s just a program installing it should ask you to install a new device, hit install. What this is is it’s a virtual display driver that tricks your computer to think that your tablet is a monitor? So that’s what it is. In case you’re wondering, now that you’re done installing the program, what you want to do is open it up, and when it’s open, head over to Options and set the screen mode to high performance. This will lower the input lag as much as possible. There will still be a little bit of input lag as expected since I am using a micro USB cable and you’re probably using something similar, but the high-performance mode is probably the best since it will lower the input as it does.

Android device is plugged into your computer:

How To Use Tablet As Second Monitor
How To Use Tablet As Second Monitor

However, lower the FPS also. So now that you’re set, make sure that your Android device is plugged into your computer and head over to my USB app. Now you should get a pop-up asking you to allow USB debugging for this computer. Make sure to check always allow this computer and hit OK, so now all you got to do is hit connect and you should be connected in a couple of seconds. There will be instructions at the start. Just go through the instructions and make sure at the end of the instructions. I don’t know why they did this, but tap your screen with three fingers to leave the instruction menu. So a few negatives of this app is that when you take a window and you drag it around the screen, it freezes up and messes up. You can see on the clip right now it’s really weird, but that doesn’t happen when I’m moving my mouse around.


When I move my mouse around, it’s actually really smooth. Pretty good. Also, there is a little bit of like choppiness I guess you could say sometimes, but it’s like really not that noticeable. It’s completely used, to be honest. Another thing I noticed about this app is how it performs really depends on what connection your device uses. For example, I tried this app on my phone which uses USB C and it was a lot smoother than the tablet I use. And my tablet uses micro USB. I’m guessing this has to do with the connection since obviously, USBC supports a way higher bandwidth than micro USB. The reason I like it too much compared to the other apps is that they have really good support for resolutions. It goes up to 25 60 X 25 60 which I don’t know what kind of tablet supports that kind of resolution, but hey, it’s an option if you got one. You could Mount the tablet vertically if you want to.

If you’re reading a long list like Discord or something like that. Another cool thing about this app is that it actually supports touch screens, which is really cool. You could use two fingers to scroll or one finger to just touch your screen. Do weird things. I would recommend using this for like a graphic tablet because I know there’s a lot of delay with the two-finger scrolling. I’m not sure why this app is great. If you’re like playing a video game or you’re doing some kind of work on a full-screen application and you want to have like discord open in the background or say like OBS if you’re streaming or your Twitch chat or you want to watch a YouTube video this is perfect. Honestly, if I didn’t have a second monitor I would use this all the time. It’s not that bad. It’s actually not terrible. 

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