How To Use Bamboo pen 2023: Wacom Bamboo Stylus Gen 2

Hello everyone in this article, I’m going to review the How To Use a Bamboo pen. Wacom bamboo ink for the second generation with a comparison to the Lenovo precision pen two and I will be testing these two styluses on this Android hand tablet is the Lenovo P 11 Pro.

Now I don’t have any Microsoft Surface devices so I won’t be able to tell you whether or not the Lenovo pen can work on Microsoft Surface devices but I will try and find that out and let you guys know in the video description or comment section below but for the Wacom bamboo ink this supports Windows 10 devices so this will work with Microsoft Surface devices.

How To Use Bamboo pen 2022

Introdios with Wacom pen:

The Wacom stylus supports the Microsoft pen protocol as well as Wacom AES. That’s Wacom active electrostatic technology probably version one because this dollar doesn’t support tilt sensitivity only has pressure sensitivity. Whereas the LA Novo precision pen two supports W GP have no idea what that is. And it supports work on version two.

So this has tilt as well as pressure sensitivity. At the time of this review. This is priced at around us $50. This is also us $50 But sold as a bundle together with the Lenovo tablet. If you buy this separately, it’s likely to cost more.

The price will of course vary depending on where and who you buy the product from. So this is the second generation of the Wacom bamboo ink stylus which looks very similar to the first generation. The simplest way to differentiate this and the early model is to look at a clip here this clip looks like a paper clip. Whereas the first model, it’s a flat piece of metal.

2nd gen vs Bamboo Ink Plus:

How To Use Bamboo pen
How To Use Bamboo pen

Unfortunately for me, after I bought this dollar, I found out there is another new pen called the Wacom bamboo ink plus, this should be a new pen because it has to do sensitivity whereas this doesn’t. So this is probably using Wacom AES version two. And the design for this pen you can see it’s kind of similar to this but it reverts to using the flat piece of metal for the pen clip. So this pen looks very similar to the first-gen this paperclip design. It’s the second-gen.

So the naming of the pens and also the design. To me, it’s very confusing. If you can get this Wacom bamboo ink plus at a good price, definitely go for this over the second-gen and the build quality is still very solid, it’s a full metal built has a nice weight to it, and is very comfortable to hold with the cylindrical body. And the surface has a nice matte texture to it. This stylus is powered by or single a battery, it’s a pretty small battery based on my experience with other styluses that use this battery, the battery life should last for at least six months to a year.

And I like the fact that you can replace this battery. So this is not a built-in battery really nice. There is no need to power on the stylus because the stylus is always on. There is a light indicator here. Between the two buttons though, if the pen is not working as expected, you can press and hold these two buttons to reset the pen. But otherwise, you can just use the to cite buttons as shortcuts and the shortcuts will depend on the apps that you use.

So sometimes the shortcuts can be a right-click, it can be your eyedropper, or it can be a razor. And unfortunately most of the time you will not be able to customize what the shortcut buttons can do. That is especially true with Android devices. Microsoft Surface devices do allow you some level of customization for these buttons. And here we have a pen tip. There are no replacement tips included so you have to buy replacement tips when this wears out.

Bamboo Pen tip:

How To Use Bamboo pen

You can see slight movement in an output otherwise this pen tip is still considered quite firm and it’s a hot plastic tip. This is an active stylus so you can see the cursor follow the pen tip on their wrist some input relax so you can see the customer is trying to catch up to the pen tip. Now the pen tip is quite smooth on the glass surface but I wouldn’t say it’s slippery.

So this is great for writing to you Cause when you’re writing you want to write farst. The tapered design of the pen allows you to see or stroke beneath the pen tip and the pen tip is quite accurate in the sense that the cursor is always tracking directly beneath the pen tip.

Bamboo Pen Cursor tracking:

However, the cursor tracking is only accurate up to about maybe half a centimeter or 1/3 of a centimeter to the age. So here you can see the cursor disappears, you get the same level of cursor tracking accuracy with the Lenovo pen as well.

Depending on the apps you use there can be perfect upon rejection. So for example, with this app, I’m using Wacom Bamboo Paper, I can turn on strict palm rejection and I won’t be able to write anything with my finger or when I place my palm on the display, I won’t be able to introduce any strange tricks to certain apps will allow you to turn on strict upon rejection. And this dollar supports up to 4000 levels of pressure sensitivity. So if you choose a brush that has pressure support, you can draw or write with thin and thick lines.

There is however no support for tooth sensitivity. Whereas for the Lenovo precision pen tube, you can actually use tooth sensitivity. Right now I’m using Autodesk sketchbook to show you the sensitivity right now I’m using Autodesk sketchbook to show your sensitivity. So tilt sensitivity works rather well here in the sense that I can get thin lines to transition to thick lines first smoothly and very easily. So let’s try the walk home bamboo ink second generation so when I cued the stylus, nothing happens.

Bamboo Pen Writing:

How To Use Bamboo pen

when it comes to writing both spouses can write really well as in the art and pen combination can capture my handwriting style rather accurately. So that diagonal line issue really just affects people who draw more and the speed at which you are drawing will matter a lot.

So if you’re drawing quickly the lines will be straight but if you’re drawing slower, the lines will start to show that micro Jeter or wobble when it comes to drawing vertical lines that performance is really bad so usually with digital styluses like this The problem really is withdrawing the slow diagonal lines so no problem with vertical or horizontal lines with these two styluses certain apps will allow you to adjust the pressure sensitivity curve to an app that I know after allows you to do this our Creator and Clip Studio Paint right.

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Bamboo Pen Drawing:

How To Use Bamboo pen

let’s draw something really quickly to see if the war bone will affect my art and the things to look out for would be obviously war ball and also whether or not I can join the lines without any gaps.

So yes, I can see the wobble. So to minimize wobble you do have to draw a faster this is a pen that you probably should use for quick sketching rather than for like the slow deliberate type of art. So for quick sketches like this seems fine. I’m able to close up the gaps quite accurately.

But I can definitely see the wobble. So if you need precision with your drawing, then it’s going to be quite challenging with the stylus as well as with Dell Lenovo US dollars. the thing it’s alright. Not in the best definitely compared to drawing on an iPad or with a Samsung tablet that supports the S Pen.

Right arm let’s switch over to using the Lenovo stylus okay with the Lenovo dollars, I can sort of All sends or see that the performance is slightly better right there is the wobble but for some reason, I can feel like the performance is slightly better but you can still see the wobble obviously see here.

So, this again is so so much better for I mean this pen is going to be most suitable for quick sketches like this the Apple Apple Pencil and the iPad the accuracy is going to be better compared to what you see here slightly better and this is actually not too bad.

I do enjoy using this dollar more compared to the Wacom bamboo ink I do feel like this stylus is slightly more accurate you probably won’t be able to tell just by looking at this sketch but the line quality is definitely slightly smoother and straighter compared to the walk home bamboo initial activation force for the Lenovo pan is very minimal so now I’m drawing with very minimal pressure initial activation force for the Wacom Bamboo Stylus is also quite minimal but you do have to press down with slightly more pressure to make sure that there are no line breaks like this so I would say the Lenovo stylus is slightly more sensitive at low pressures.

How To Use Bamboo pen

This by the way is how thick that line really is. And here I can see some wobble as well see let’s see if the pen can maintain consistent pressure since fine but there is going to be slight Jeter by this the lines. they are consistent in the with.

FAQ For How To Use the Bamboo pen:

Does this work with the iPad 5th generation?

Yes, it does. I recently bought this stylus to use with my own 5th gen iPad after doing a whole bunch of research to confirm the compatibility. So far, so good. (If you go to, you can actually look at the iTunes apps the Fineline works with, as well as a list of compatible devices.) Hope this helps!

Will this stylus work with my Asus Chromebook c213sa-ys02?

No Wacom does not offer a stylus for Chromebook devices.

Will the pen work for iPad Air 1st generation?

Yes, it should.

Bamboo Pen Replacement nibs:

the last thing I want to talk about is replacement tips. At the time of this video, it is incredibly difficult to find replacement tips for the Lenovo pen. slightly easier to find hips or nips for the Wacom bamboo ink bird Even so, the replacement nibs are not widely available. You can try searching on amazon eBay AliExpress and definitely go to the Wall coms website to see if they are available. If you guys have any questions regarding these styluses let me know in the comment section below.


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