how to use a blender on iPad 2022

Use a blender with iPad mini:

So there we have it, folks, Blender running on an iPad. That’s right, this is an iPad Mini, the sixth Gen. And it’s, it’s Sunday, it has full Apple Pencil split. As you can see, if we just come here, we can draw in there, it’s pressure sensitive. So if I’m pressing quite lightly, there’s just a little bit coming up. And if I press quite heavily, then lots come up.

It is fully working, it’s, you can zoom around here, just by doing that, you can still turn the camera around just over here. I don’t know why I think it didn’t do that. I think that’s to do with like palm rejection. Yeah, but you can just it’s, it’s all here.

how to use a blender on iPad
how to use a blender on iPad

Useing sidecar for blender:

Some of you may know exactly what’s going on here. And that is, it’s not actually running on an iPad, it’s running on a Mac. But we’re using a sidecar to bring it over onto this. And it works perfectly fine. If you want to do if you’re someone who’s doing sculpting and stuff like that, as I demonstrated, this may be exactly what you’re looking for, we can just bring that up, we can start sculpting, do whatever you want, I can zoom in a little bit more, we can try and turn the camera around, it’s a little bit finicky gets used to doing it. But there you go, once you sort of get used to it, you can do it.

Apple pencil support for blender use

. You can do it alone, it’s all here, and all of the features are there. And the real big seller of this is the fact that we have full Apple Pencil support. Amazing. So you may be asking yourself, Well, why not just what’s the point in this? Why would you do this? Why not just go ahead and get a drawing tablet? And it poses an interesting question. Because realistically, a drawing tablet would probably do quite a bit better, you’d probably get more use out of it, it would be maybe more useful if that’s what you’re planning on doing in if you’re doing a lot of digital art.

how to use a blender on iPad
how to use a blender on iPad

Mac support to use blender on iPad mini:

But I want to follow that by saying, if you’re asking for a blender on an iPad, you probably already have an iPad that you want to run the blender on. And if that’s the case, there you go. If you have a Mac as well, you can just boot it up to the sidecar and shove it on, so your computer does all the heavy lifting, and you can just go ahead and get your best Apple Pencil support on there. And so in essence, you are basically just turning your iPad into a perfectly normal drawing tablet, even more.

So if you’re one using an iPad Pro, if you’re using an iPad Pro, even though the 12.9 inch, then your canvas size is going to be like twice the size of this. So you could have just the full regular scaled UI. So you could have just the same experience as if you were using it on say, like a MacBook or something like that, because the screen size is almost identical. It’s 12.9 inches versus 13 inches.

M1 chip:

And a lot of this has come from the fact that the iPads are now starting to get like M one chips in them. And it’s sort of blurring the line between what makes a debt a desktop like an Apple product and an iPad. It’s just the software now because the power between the MacBook Air, and the iPad Pro is basically the same. They’re both fanless M-one devices. It’s just running a different operating system. But if you can sort of bypass that with a sidecar, then, again, you’re not really losing any performance or anything. And people are sort of wondering.

Blender on iPad:

what are we going to get blender just running natively on the iPad, because there will definitely be some tweaks and changes on that, which will allow it to happen? And many people use the MacBook Air is just a starting point for getting into stuff like blender because it’s one of the most popular Macs out there. So if you’re on there, and you see the blender, it can run on Mac, people might just pick it up and be like, yeah, what it’s free, I may as well just give it a go. And so that would be really cool. And now that the power is the same, you could easily just pop it over there especially because now the architecture is the same.

They’re both running on processes. It’s literally the same processor used to just be tweaking it for the operating system at that point pretty much. I see a lot of people look it up online, it’s often in like suggested search, when you look up blender, it’s just sort of saying, Hey, is blender coming to iPad? It’s an interesting question. Lots of people ask it. And if that’s if you’re one of those people who’s wanting to use it is looking at an iPad and thinking man, I wish I could run the blender on that. Well, if you’ve got a Mac, go for it, you can your wish just came through pretty much. It may not be exactly what you thought. But there it is.

Other cool features of blender on iPad mini:

And then one of the other cool features is if you want to while you’re using it, you can just swipe up and go straight to your home screen and carry on using it as an iPad. So if you want to just quickly like get something you want to just turn around and go ahead and pick something up. If you want to get a certain file off the iPad or like move it over or something you can go ahead and do that and then just swipe up and go straight back to sidecar and you’re back into Blender whatever you’re┬ádoing on there.

Final Thoughts:

So yeah, it’s that That’s it. That’s that’s blender on an iPad, that it’s really cool. There’s there’s so much you can do with it. I just I thought that it would be it’d be a shame not To share cuz I think it’s a wonderful thing that you can do so that’s it blender running on an iPad that’s pretty cool and if you enjoyed.