How to play iTunes movies on iPad 2023

Hello everyone, today I’m going to show you How to play iTunes movies on iPad. how to play the HDR movies that you have bought from iTunes. In true HD arm. This article is going to apply to all iPads. It doesn’t matter whether your iPad has a high HDR display. And what I’m about to say is actually not common knowledge.

look at some examples of how to play iTunes movies on iPad?

How to play iTunes movies on iPad
How to play iTunes movies on iPad

Alright, so let’s take a look at some examples. I will show you the differences between SDR vs HDR on this 2018 iPad Pro. And then I’m going to show you HDR on the M one iPad Pro 2021. And compare the 2021 model versus the 2018 model. So, let me show you an example of what happens when you are playing this movie. This is 1917.

I’m just going to show you a still image here because I cannot play this movie on YouTube without getting a copyright strike. So pay attention to the flames here you can see the flames here they are all blown out. This shape here is just one big ship of white and here as well. This is a movie that I have downloaded on my iPad Pro. Right so now I’m going to go ahead and delete that movie. And now I’m going to go and find that movie again.

movie  playing:

This time I’m going to stream that movie instead of playing the downloaded movie. I mean, hit the pause button again, take a look at the flames now. Now you can see a lot more details. In the flame this area here it’s no longer blown out you can actually see the color bright yellow-orange color. And within this shape, you can see all the flame details here as well. And this is from iPad Pro 2018.

Let me switch over to the M one iPad Pro 2021. Right, let me play for you to download the file again. So this is now playing in SD are once again taking a look at the flames here. For the most part, it’s blown out, I can definitely see some details here on the lower right side. I can see some details here as well. For the most part, these are two areas where they are just blown out.

streaming the movie: How to play iTunes movies on iPad?

Let me go ahead and delete this video again. And now let’s stream this movie instead of playing the downloaded file. Alright, take a look at the flames again. So earlier on while I played the downloaded file, this area here this area was blown out, I could see some details at the lower right. But now when I am streaming the movie, I can see details everywhere and this flame shape here I can see details literally everywhere. And here as well. You can see all the gradation of colors here within the flames. So this is true HDR.

side-by-side comparison:

And here’s a side-by-side comparison of the streaming HDR movie. On the left side is 2018. And on the right side is the M one iPad Pro 2021.

At a glance, I can see there is better contrast on this mostly because it seems like the overall display it’s slightly brighter. But I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve been using 2018 for two and a half years intensively the brightness has degraded I’m not sure if it’s because of that. But it does look like the brightness here is slightly brighter. And also the blacks are definitely darker. Even when I’m looking at the display right now in the bright daytime. If you asked me whether it’s worth upgrading to the mini OLED display on the 2021 model.

Personally, for me, I would say no because I can still see a lot of details with the HDR on the 2018 model. Even though the blacks are not as dark but the hairs are too dark enough. It may look like there are more details here but it’s actually because there are two frames that are not identical. This is one frame earlier. Let’s take a look at 1917 this time to download it fall

final verdict:

so yep, I can definitely see the flames and the lights here. They are blown. out on both displays. So if you really want to enjoy your movies in true HDR streaming movies, don’t watch the downloaded files. By the way, the HDR effect is clearer and more obvious when you are playing HDR content from YouTube. So this is a freeze frame. I have a 4k HDR video that I found on YouTube and on the right side for this 2021 model. The lights here are almost glowing whereas on the left side this display looks nice but here you can really feel the light coming out from all those neon lights right so that’s the difference between SDR vs HDR and 2018 versus 2021. If you guys have any questions, let me know in the comment section below.

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