how to get youtube on amazon fire tablet on 2023

Hey guys, in this article, I’m going to show you how you can install YouTube on the Fire HD kids tablet. So when you’re on your child profile right here is Andrew, you want to switch to the parent profile in order to install it. So you swipe from the top right here, swipe one more, and you’re gonna go to this icon right here. And it’s going to switch to the parent profile, I’m going to switch to the parent profile right here. And just wait a minute until it loads the new parent profile. And once you’re in there, it’s going to ask you to input the password to log into your parent’s profile.

  • And I’m going to input it right now. And after you correctly entered your password, it’s going to show you the parent’s profile,
  • once you’re on your parent’s profile, you want to go to the Amazon App Store right here, this icon,
  • so it’s going to load the app store right here selected, then you want to go to search on the top bar,
  • and you want to tap, you want to type in YouTube. Kids, if you want to install YouTube kids, for your kids,
  • so it’s gonna have a lot of content for kids that are appropriate. So this one is not the official app from YouTube. But this is showing the player app for kids.

getting youtube on the amazon fire tablet

So this is the YouTube kids as well. So you want to hit on getting right here, and then your download. So wait until it’s finished downloading, it says preparing to download right here. So once you install the YouTube kids app on your parent’s profile, what you want to do, you want to add to your child’s profile by doing that by swiping sliding from the top, and there’s a gear icon right here to show you like that. And you tap on it. And it’ll show you all the settings right here. And what do you want to do you want to scroll down to parental controls right here, and you want to do household profiles right here.

How to Install YouTube on Fire Hd Kids Tablet
How to Install YouTube on Fire Hd Kids Tablet

Okay, and you want to manage your child’s profile, which is the name of your child. And then what you want to do is you go down right here, by doing add content, right here. And you want to share content. That’s not very obvious. And so when I go to the game Apps section right here and have these to install on my parent’s profile, you want to tap on the YouTube kids right here.

And you want to hit Done. Okay, so it’s going to share that with your child’s profile. And now to check that we have that on the child’s profile, Andrews’s profile when I hit this, and you want to hit Andrew. So switch back to the child’s profile, just wait a little bit, it’s going to load the kids profile. And here we go, it’s loading up. So once you switch back to your child’s profile, you want to scroll down, down more because this is added for you right here.

youtube on the amazon fire tablet

That’s the new app that we added to the parent’s profile. And you tap on that, it’s going to download it to your child’s profile. Okay, now it’s done. Now we’re going to tap it again, it’s loading right now. And welcome parents, take a few minutes to configure parental safety. Let’s go through all this setup here before you start use your kids. And I’m going to speed it up for you. So right now, yeah, it’s loading up that and so if you want to watch for example, cocoa melon. Okay, so it’s working right now. But you have to go through with Heisman. So I think the other one is, you want to use the official app, which is not the YouTube kids just the regular YouTube. So just go back to the parent’s profile.

And I think that won’t have any of the ads that you saw earlier that you have to go through that.

We’re gonna switch back to the parents profile and go to back to the app store. And we’re going to go search actually, I’m going to go YouTube just regular YouTube, not the YouTube kids and this is the YouTube right here. And then you get a new download right here. It says preparing to download so after it’s installed, you touch open

it’s gonna open youtube app is gonna have like, all the YouTube right here. And so when you want to do is you go to settings. So you swipe down from the top, go to the gear button, and then go to parent all control right here.

Then we go to Manage profile right here and manage your child’s profile, then we’re going to go add content, we’re going to do share content. Just like last time, we did just go to the gaming app section right here, hit YouTube, and done.

And now we switch back to my swiping on top and hitting that icon to switch back to the child’s profile right here. And you scroll down, you’re gonna see YouTube right here on added for you. And just hit that can download to your child’s profile and just take a little bit. Now it’s done, just hit YouTube. Alright, so you have YouTube right here. So you can search you know, Coco melon, or initial police to watch. And so this is the regular YouTube keep in mind that it’s not filtered by the kids. YouTube Kids is more like four kids and this one is general YouTube. So you hit that and that’s how you add YouTube. Right? That’s how it works. So you can watch YouTube. 


Can I install YouTube on the Amazon Fire tablet?

let you download apps from the Amazon App Store, which means no Chrome, no YouTube app,

Why is YouTube not working on my Amazon Fire tablet?

the YouTube apps that are available in Google Play Store are not available in Amazon App-store.


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