7 Best Tablet For Media Consumption 2023- Tablet For Netflix

In this article, we can read about the Best tablet for media consumption. Did you know that many tablets are not capable of playing back Netflix movies in HD quality? I know that sounds a bit weird for 2022. But it is actually true. Well, I’m Android for my next tablet.com. And I reviewed pretty much every tablet that was released in the last couple of years.

And in this article, I’m presenting you with the Best tablet for media consumption and the best tablets to watch Netflix with.

Alright, got Netflix tablet needs to get a couple of things right first of all,

  • it needs to have a good screen, of course,
  • then it needs to be able to playback Netflix in HD quality,
  • that’s very important. It needs to have good speakers and long battery life.

Obviously, tablets have other features, they can have a pen keyboard, very good performance, and so on. But that’s not the point of this article. If you want to have a tablet for other purposes, then check out my bestlaptoptablet.com We’ve got Teslas for the best eight-inch tablets, the best tablets for gaming, and so on.

Which is the Best Tablet For Media Consumption?

1. iPad Pro 2020
2. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6
3. Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e
4. Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite 10
5. Apple iPad 7
6. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1
7. Amazon Fire HD 10

Best Tablet For Media Consumption:

1. iPad Pro 2020

Best Tablet For Media Consumption
Best Tablet For Media Consumption

Alright, so the overall best tablet for Media Consumption and watching Netflix is the Apple iPad Pro. And it doesn’t matter if you’re getting the 2020 or 2018 iPad Pro because their screens and speakers are the same. You can choose between an 11-inch and a 12.9-inch iPad Pro. Of course, a larger 12.9-inch screen is a bit nicer for watching movies.

They’re all retina displays, and very nice LCD IPS screens, they’ve got a bit taller aspect ratio, which means you can see black bars at the top and bottom. If you’re watching standard videos that have a 16 by nine aspect ratio or even wider the screens have a pixel density of 264 PPI and they are super bright with 600 nits and they’re bright and pretty much every Android or Windows tablet you can get. They’ve got four very good speakers.

So if you’re holding them normally in front of you, you do get real stereo separation. And they’ve got a pretty long battery life of 14 to 18 hours depending on the version and under which conditions you test them. For my standard battery test. I’m always looping an HD video locally at medium brightness and activated Wi-Fi.

So our Netflix performance will always be a bit below what I’m telling you here about the battery life. Sadly, all iPad Pros currently at least don’t have a headphone jack. So if you want to use headphones you either need to get a USB C adapter or use wireless headphones.

Of course, the iPad Pro have other features, they have a very good performance. In fact, they’re faster than every Android tablet out there. And I’ve got other features like the Apple Pencil, you can get it with a keyboard. You’ve got face ID facial recognition, pretty good cameras, and so on. But yeah, you don’t need those on Netflix.

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2. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6: Best Tablet For Media Consumption.

Best Tablet For Media Consumption

The next Best Tablet For Media Consumption is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S six which also is the best Android tablet you can buy. Currently, it has a 10.5-inch screen which is a bit smaller than the 11-inch screen of the iPad Pro, but it does have a 16 by 10 aspect ratio.

So actually, the viewing ever area of a normal movie is pretty much the same between the 11-inch iPad Pro and the 10.5-inch Galaxy Tab S six here we’re getting a Super AMOLED screen that has good contrast and very saturated colors.

However, when comparing the screens directly the iPad Pro screen is noticeably brighter and I like it a bit more of all but you do get very nice colors versus Super AMOLED screen from Samsung. This one has a resolution of 2560 by 1600 pixels.

And here again, we get four really good speakers so you do get a real stereo separation and watching movies. The Galaxy Tab S six has a very long battery life was 15 hours and my standard test again the Netflix one time will be a bit below that and show it has a great performance for an Android tablet. It has many premium features like the S Pen is included you can get it with a keyboard and it has a fingerprint scanner that sits underneath the screens that design is very modern here too.

By the way, you can also watch HDR content from Netflix on Galaxy Tab as six. Sadly there is no headphone jack here either.

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3. Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e: Best Tablet For Media Consumption.

Best Tablet For Media Consumption
Best Tablet For Media Consumption

The next alternative is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S five E or the Galaxy Tab S four they are quite similar in many regards. First of all the Galaxy Tab S tablets currently have a 10.5-inch Super AMOLED screen. It’s pretty much the same screen was so saturated colors.

They’ve got the same pixel densities I’ll have a resolution of 2560 by 1600 pixels and capable of playing back HDR Netflix content. Now they all have four very good speakers and very long battery life. In the case of the Galaxy Tab S five e I measured 13.5 hours and two do not have a headphone jack. Now the Galaxy Tab S four is a bit cheaper, so check if you can find a good deal on it.

Otherwise, the Galaxy Tab S five E will probably get a bit longer updates, especially if you’re using a lesson entertainment tablet to watch Netflix you probably won’t notice a difference between the collected type s five E or the Galaxy Tab S six, there’s five E and also the s four, of course, are just cheaper versions of C six with the same screen and same speakers, but they’re not as fast.

So if you’re also into gaming and so on, then of course you can get better performance with C Tab S six. Now next on the list is a tablet that I won’t recommend for other purposes. Please only get this if you are looking for a Netflix tablet or a tablet to watch movies first. It can also be YouTube or Amazon Prime Video, and so on.

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4. Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite 10: Best Tablet For Media Consumption.

Best Tablet For Media Consumption

And this tablet is a Huawei media pad M five light 10 Now this is a bit older tablet and it’s still running Android eight. And you know the whole China-US trade war thing we probably won’t see any updates. And at the moment, there’s no success or insight especially not with Google services on it. But the Huawei media pad and Firefly 10 are still being sold in many countries.

And often you can get it at a really good price. And it has some qualities that are really good for Media Consumption and Netflix, especially if you can get it at a cheap price, which means around 200 US dollars or so it has a 10.1 inch IPS screen. A webinar is one it’s a laminated screen, it has a full HD resolution was 1920 by 1200 pixels. And now comes the important part. It has four speakers as well, just like the iPad Pro or the Galaxy Tab as six tablets and two speakers have really good quality.

We also get the headphone jack in this case under pretty good battery life was 12.5 hours in my test. Now the nice part about the media pad and Firefly 10 Is that you do get some premium features to it has a full metal body a fingerprint scanner, and you can use it with an optional pen. It’s called the M penlight. Again, the major downside is that it is running Android eight and I really don’t think that it will get an update at the moment I just don’t see it.

But it’s still a good entertainment tablet Media Consumption And for watching Netflix, it doesn’t really matter if you’re using Android eight and what nine or Android 10. But if you want a tablet for gaming or other work, but you might need up-to-date software, then I wouldn’t show that anymore.

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5. Apple iPad 7: Best Tablet For Media Consumption.

Best Tablet For Media Consumption
Best Tablet For Media Consumption

Next on the list is the Apple iPad seven. This is the cheapest iPad that Apple is currently selling and then it has a 10.2-inch IPS screen it’s actually a very nice screen. However, the screen is not laminated, which means there’s a small air gap between the touch screen and the IPS layer below. That’s not a big deal if you use it inside but if you’re using it outside you will see reflections easier.

However, it is a very bright screen that was 500 nits it’s almost as bright as the iPad Pro. So it is a very nice screen. The only issue is that the screen is not laminated. It has a high resolution of 2160 by 1620 pixels. And again and I see a higher aspect ratio four by three aspect ratio from EPA, which means you do see black bars at the top and bottom while watching movies. However, if you’re watching very old Star Trek TV shows you won’t see any black bezels at all.

So that’s the positive side. The iPad seven does have two good speakers, however, said placed on one side when watching movie mode, you know, and that means you won’t hear any stereo separation. And that’s really a downside compared to the other tablets previously on this list.

So the speakers are good, but you don’t hear any real stereo separation, you do get a headphone jack. However, it does have other premium features from Apple like the Touch ID fingerprint scanner, you can use it with a first-generation Apple pencil and you can also get a keyboard cover. The battery life is no good with 13 hours and my standard test.

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6. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1

Best Tablet For Media Consumption

A much cheaper option is the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1. It’s a 10.1-inch tablet that usually costs around $20 and sometimes even less. It has a pretty nice IPS screen was a full HD resolution of 1920 by 1200. It is a laminated IPS screen standard LCD screen and it looks quite nice.

It does have two speakers and the speaker quality is pretty good for its price. But again like with the iPads, the speakers are placed on one side and holding it in the movie orientation. So no you won’t hear any stereo separation here either.

It does have a headphone jack and is okay by the way live. For my standard test, I got 10.5 hours. It’s a very cheap tablet. It does have up-to-date software but it is very cheap. So it’s lacking all premium features. There’s no pen option or fingerprint scanner or so but it is one of the cheapest tablets that I can comfortably recommend for Netflix because it is capable of displaying Netflix movies in HD resolution.

So the last tablet on the list is also the cheapest tablet that I can comfortably recommend in the 10-inch range. And also, it is the cheapest tablet that I can really comfortably recommend for Netflix.

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7. Amazon Fire HD 10

Best Tablet For Media Consumption

And that’s the Amazon Fire HD 10 The current one, but the last generation is okay as well. It has a 10.1-inch IPS screen as well. And even though it’s very cheap, it is an emanated screen with a Full HD resolution of 1920 by 1200 pixels.

It does have two speakers, and unlike Samsung, obviously standard iPad, they are on opposite sides of each other. So you do hear a real stereo separation here for real stereo sound. Sadly, the speakers are not that amazing, they are worse overall than the Galaxy Tab A 10.1.

So that’s why it’s not above second Lexie. Type A, because if you can choose between stereo separation, or better bass and a bit fuller sound, I would go for a bit fuller sound. Now it does have a fantastic battery life of 20 hours for my test.

Again, that’s for watching videos locally. But that also means that you will have a pretty good run time when you watch Netflix when you’re streaming movies. It doesn’t have any premium features. Of course, it was very cheap. And yeah, that means you won’t get a fingerprint scanner.

The performance is time for gaming. Sure, but nothing happens scanner, no matter, buddy. It’s a full plastic body. And yeah, two speakers. No 10 or so one downside of the Amazon Fire HD 10 is that you don’t have any Google Apps pre-installed.

You can install them, but that might warrant your warranty. And yeah, you have to live with Amazon in that case. Now you do have very easy access to all content from Amazon. And you can use Netflix too and yet if you want you can install the Google Play Store. I just wouldn’t recommend placing on styling part for grandparents or so. It might be a bit too much work.

But yeah, the Amazon Fire 10 is the cheapest tablet I can comfortably recommend for Netflix and it does have a headphone jack. All right. I think these are the best tablets for watching Netflix, they’ve got good screens. Very nice because usually and pretty good paragraphs as well. And they’re capable of playing Netflix with HD resolution.

Buying guide:

Now there are some tablets you might think where are they? Why are they missing? One of them is the Apple iPad Air. I just don’t see the point of the iPad Air. If you want to spend a lot of money on Netflix tablets, you can get the iPad Pro, if you want to spend a little bit less you can get the Samsung Galaxy Tab s6 or S five E and they have good screens and speakers. The iPad Air only has two speakers and again they are on one side only.

So you won’t get any real stereo separation when watching it normally. You also might have noticed that all Lenovo tablets are missing from this list. Now I did review pretty much every Lenovo tablet that was released.

The last one is this one’s a Lenovo tap M 10 FHD plus, but the thing was Lenovo tablets is that they don’t support Netflix in HD resolution. They’ve got a viper nibble of s3, which means you can’t watch Netflix in HD, not even 1280 by 720.

It’s below that. So of course they can’t be on the tablet list called the best tablets for watching Netflix with they’ve got some that could be very nice for Netflix like the Lenovo Yoga SmartApp which has good speakers it has a good battery life a very long battery life. And also a very nice design was a built-in stand. But with that one, you can’t watch Netflix in HD resolution either, so it can’t be on this list. And the same goes for tablets from Xiaomi or other Chinese manufacturers like Xiaomi and so on.

They all don’t support Netflix with HD resolution. Now if you’re getting a Windows tablet, you can watch Netflix in HD Of course, you can just use a browser, but the Netflix app supports that tool. However, I wouldn’t recommend the Windows tablets purely for content consumption.

The speakers are not as good at least and usually are one of the Surface Pro seven years they are good, but it’s a $1,000 tablet or so. Especially with accessories. So yeah, I can’t really recommend that just for watching Netflix, and for watching Netflix, iPad OS, or Android tablet. It is just nicer to navigate for content consumption.

But if you need a Windows tablet for work or so then sure you can watch Netflix in HD with that one too. Yes, these are the best tablets for watching Netflix as I still have many of them here with me.

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