best ipad for whatsapp 2022: which ipad is best for whatsapp apps?

In this article, we can see the best iPad for Whatsapp APP. I have every single iPad you can buy right now from the standard base iPad, which will cost you 319 quid to the brand new iPad Air fifth generation, this has just come out. And it’s got this snazzy new blue color, and the M one chip all the way up to the pros. And in fact, this pro 12 Nine, top-spec maxed out all the bells and whistles will cost you over two grand.

So which one should you actually buy, and also Are any of these accessories worth shelling out for, these are the five main iPads that Apple sells right now with various color and storage options in either Wi-Fi or wi-fi plus cellular if you have money to burn and can’t possibly hotspot from your phone or use Wi-Fi. They’re all running the latest version of the iPad OS. And as I’m filming, we’re on 15.4, which actually added some nifty features like universal control, which I’ll come back to later.

best iPad for Whatsapp: My iPad Buying Guide for 2022! Comparing the iPad, iPad Mini, NEW iPad Air, and iPad Pro 11 & iPad Pro 12.9 to find out which is the best iPad for Whatsapp.

Also bear in mind that while I’ll come to some proper performance benchmarks later, the 13 chip in here, the A 15 in here, and the M one that’s used in these three, there are performance differences. Fundamentally, they all run the same apps and games, they also all have great build quality and materials, front and rear cameras, and they all should get around 10 hours of battery life, you can’t go wrong with any of them. But it comes down to do you need the extra power, the better screen, and the better cameras have the higher-end models.

Here is the best iPad for Whatsapp 2022:

▶ Apple iPad Mini

▶Apple iPad

▶Apple iPad Air

▶ Apple iPad Pro 11

▶ Apple iPad Pro 12.9

how to get Whatsapp on iPad:

#1.iPad (9th Gen): best iPad for Whatsapp

best ipad for whatsapp
best ipad for whatsapp

But let’s start at the budget end with the iPad, just the iPad, although technically it’s the ninth generation iPad, and this will cost you 119 pounds, or Finland $29. This came out back in September 2021. So it’s still pretty recent. Although it is definitely a case of Meet the new iPad, same as the old iPad, it’s kind of like the iPhone SE of iPads. I mean, it looks almost identical to most iPads for the last 10 years or so with the same thick bezels top and bottom, a physical touch ID home button, and also the less versatile lightning port. There’s nothing wrong with the design per se. I mean, it’s still slim and comfortable to use. It just feels a bit last last last gen.

But I would argue to maybe look past that because this will do 95% of what most people use an iPad for and for 319 quid for the 64 Gig storage option. And even less if you’re buying it with the education discount, you’re getting pretty much the full iPad experience for just over half what you’d pay for the new iPad Air. So front and center is this 10.2-inch Retina LCD screen. Interestingly, they are all the same sharpness, they share pretty much the same pixel per inch density, except for the mini actually, which is the sharpest out of all of them. But there is one small downside the display isn’t laminated. So there’s actually a small but just noticeable gap between the glass and the actual screen.

But it’s not the end of the world. Oh, that’s creepy tape chap inception, we do get this eight-megapixel camera on the back, which is okay for taking the quick snap or maybe you know scanning a QR code while the 12-megapixel ultra-wide selfie camera is actually very good. And it also comes with Apple’s clever center stage technology which tracks and keeps your face or a group of faces centered in the frame. And actually, all iPads do now support center stage. Now on paper. The biggest drawback with the base iPad is the fact that we have the slower a 13 chip, suddenly, it’s not as fast as the a 15 and the M one and the other iPads, but it’s still very capable.

And as you can see, it easily handles any app or game I throw at it. And it likely will do for at least a couple more years. So if you want something just for browsing the web, watching some videos, maybe making a FaceTime call, realistically, this is all the iPad you need. And actually, it’s great for kids as well. My nephew Oliver loves this on my iPad so much and he plays loads of logic puzzles and maths and language games. Plus being the cheapest iPad, it’s less of a big deal if it gets a bit messy, or worse.

Hi, I’m one of the chats. You can also pay the iPad with a Smart Keyboard, which snaps on magnetically and then folds to keep the iPad in place. And it’s pretty comfortable to type on. Although it is a fairly basic experience versus the more expensive magic keyboard with the Erin pros. We do also get Apple Pencil support with the standard iPads but it’s still only the first gen pencil which charges somewhat awkwardly and also doesn’t snap onto the side

but it’s fine. I would stick with a base 64 gig model though for the base iPad. I don’t think it’s really worth paying the extra for more storage. And if you can live with this slightly more data design, then why pay more?

#2.iPad Mini (6th Gen): best iPad for Whatsapp

best ipad for whatsapp
best ipad for whatsapp

All right, onwards and upwards. Well, small words let’s talk about the iPad Mini or the sixth-generation iPad Mini and you know what don’t listen to the haters when they say this is just a big iPhone. I love This thing, yes, it costs more than the regular iPad, but then it’s got a nicer design, but tech, and in many ways, it’s just a shrunken down ultra-portable version of the air. And it actually does just about fit in your pocket. Just I wouldn’t recommend sitting down like this. But it is also by far the lightest iPad, meaning is the only one you can use for a reading one-handed for longer periods. And it’s also the perfect pairing with the Apple Pencil to for drawing and taking notes.

It’s funny when my wife Sarah asks, If she can borrow one of the iPads I usually go to pick up the 12 Nine and give it to her because it’s the best iPad, but she never wants it, she always takes the mini partly because she just likes the more portable, smaller size of it. So it’s useful to have a wife who appreciates small things, but also partly because she loves purple. I’ve got the purple case with it as well. So interestingly, even though you know, on paper, you might think this is best because it’s the most expensive. Not everyone needs it to be that big. Okay, I’ll stop now. I think the small size has an even bigger advantage, though, for gaming playing games, especially once designed for landscape orientation works really well on this and my thumbs can reach most of the controls, although I’m not so keen on the volume button placement when I’m playing it like this.

  • It’s also powered by the E 15 bionic chip, which is the same one used in the current iPhone 13 range,
  • and it does feel a bit quicker than the standard iPad with the E 13.
  • And more graphically intensive games are noticeably smoother.

Now the mini does have a lot in common with the iPad Air slim bezels squared designed stereo speakers, also a touch ID power button on the top edge, as well as a 12-megapixel rear camera, and a 12-megapixel ultra-wide selfie, again with centerstage also Wi-Fi six and the 5g Cellular option if you want plus we get the more versatile USB C port. As I mentioned earlier, this is actually the sharpest iPad in terms of pixel per inch density versus everything else.

It’s not something you’d really be able to notice unless you put your eyes right up to it. But either way, this is a beautiful 8.3-inch IPS screen. The only downside really and this also applies to the base iPad and the air is that we’re still locked to the 60-hertz screen only the Pro models get the promotion 120 hertz, it doesn’t feel like we’re really unlocking that much performance with the more powerful chips because the screen is still capped at that 60 Hertz. Also, this

does only come with four gigs of RAM compared to eight on the new iPad Air. It’s also not exactly cheap at 479 pounds or 499. dollars, which makes this 64 Gig mini a hefty 160 pounds more expensive over the 64 Gig regular iPad. And if you want the extra storage 256 gigs is 619 pounds. And in 5g then you at 759. And that’s before a case a pencil or a keyboard. Well actually not really a keyboard because they don’t offer one for this size.

Apple Pencil (2nd Gen) And keyboard for use whats app:

But you can use separate Bluetooth keyboards if you want. One of the reasons you may want to consider going for the mini or any of these in fact is that it supports the gen two Apple pencil which is a lot nicer. Firstly, if I can actually pick this up, it nicely clips onto the side so you don’t have to carry it separately. It also wirelessly charges this way. So it’s incredibly convenient, and it is more responsive than the first-gen pencil with that horrible lightning connector up there. Although again, you will still get better performance and better responsiveness by using it with one of the 120-hertz pros. I love I’ve got a little pencil holder here feels like I’m at school or a teacher but for Tech students.

#3.NEW iPad Air (5th Gen): best iPad for Whatsapp

best ipad for whatsapp
best ipad for whatsapp

All right, let’s talk about the new kid on the block the brand new fifth-generation iPad Air and I think in this 64 Gig form, yes still 64 gigs. It is arguably the sweet spot of the iPad range. The design may look pretty much identical to the fourth-gen air but the performance is now iPad Pro Level thanks to the M one chip and also twice the RAM now eight gigabytes. There’s also a new 5g Cellular option and also USBC transfer speeds are now twice as fast. It also gets the upgraded 12-megapixel rear and ultra-wide selfie cameras centerstage.

And the camera quality is better than last year as well thanks to the improved image processing from the M one chip. Although realistically I think the biggest upgrade with the air and maybe the reason to buy it is this snazzy new blue color which I maintain is Tech Chat blue I think Apple or just a big fan of the channel and decided to create this color just for me. Possibly, maybe not. But I am kind of torn about the new air because on one hand, it still has this gorgeous design that is just as powerful as the pros now and with a screen that’s almost as bright.

In fact, it can feel like an iPad Pro but for almost 200 pounds less. It’s also slightly lighter than the base iPad. And for a lot of people who want a little bit more premium look and feel. I think the air is probably worth it, especially with the improved performance and also accessories like the magic keyboard that gives it plenty of laptop-like potentials while the 60-hertz display does still feel nice and smooth and is obviously a very fast iPad They kind of feels like that 60-hertz bottlenecks or that performance potential.

Storage Wars:

But this is where I always get frustrated with Apple. They are masters of the upsell, I apologize. I use that phrase in most Apple videos recently. But they know most people just want say 128 gigs of storage, which is why they give you 64 or 256 Gig options on balance, I do think the base 64 gig model is still probably my recommendation at 569 pounds, I don’t think I would want to pay 719 Just to go up to 256 gigs of storage. Yes, of course, you can always just use iCloud to backup your stuff. But the trouble is, with that 256 gig model of this, you only 15 pounds shy of the iPad Pro 11, which does come with 128. So admittedly not the 256. But 120 is all you need. And you do get some nice extras with this, which we’ll come to in a second. So that’s where this kind of gets a bit blurry between whether you should get the air or the 11-inch Pro.

Magic Keyboard:

Just a quick side note though, because if you are serious about using your iPad for some actual work or productivity, whatever you want to call it, then I would highly recommend paying the extra and getting the magic keyboard this works with both the air and the Pro models. It is quite expensive. And also you can see this is not the correct version for the air. This is for my 12 Nine pro but there is a model for this. And surprisingly, while the keycaps are a little bit bigger on the 12 Nine versions,

it is still just as comfortable to type with on the smaller elevens. I really do love the magic keyboard, it acts as a protective case as a ton of adjustability. It attaches magnetically so it’s easy to put it on and take it off and you get an extra USB C port and a touchpad. If you want to save some cash though, then you can still go with a Smart Keyboard folio, but that does lose the trackpad, the extra USB-C port, the nicer keys and layout, and the adjustability.

#4.iPad Pro 11 & 12.9 (3rd & 5th Gen): best iPad for Whatsapp

best ipad for whatsapp
best ipad for whatsapp

And finally, let’s talk about the iPad Pros. You’ve got the 11 and the 12.9 inch here. And really this still feels like a tablet, whereas this feels more like a laptop screen. And I think again, like the air these really do benefit from pairing it with a magic keyboard and maybe a pencil too. It’s not just the size that separates these because the bigger 12 Nine gets this fancy liquid retina XDR Mini LED display and essentially we’re getting much higher contrast and so it makes the blacks on the 11 inches liquid retina screen look washed out and grayish in comparison. As for brightness in non-HDR content, the

difference really isn’t that obvious as both peak at 600 nits. But when you do jump into some HDR video, we get 1000 nits on a 12 nines Mini LED screen with areas peaking up to 1600 nits and that is a big difference. If you are watching a lot of movies or doing color-sensitive work, it does make a big difference. Although is Mini LED as opposed to say OLED or AMOLED. We do see some fairly obvious blooming and haloing particularly when you’ve got a high contrast area, say between a white and a black. Both Pro models do get that 120-hertz refresh rate though, or what Apple calls promotion, which makes scrolling and jumping between apps and browsing the web feels so much smoother and snappier versus the air.

And it’s even more obvious in games with a 120-hertz mode, it feels like you’ve really unlocked the M one’s potential. Now obviously, I can’t actually show you what 120 hertz looks like in this 60-hertz video that I’m filming. But if I show you both slow down to half speed, then you get some idea of the difference. And it makes the inputs with the pencil feel more immediate and responsive as well. So if you do plan to use this as a serious drawing tablet, then I think promotion is a must-have like the new EVO the M one is just blisteringly fast, it’s overkill for most tasks. But if you are a power user working with 10-bit 4k video or high megapixel images or 3d design, then it is definitely the one to get and of course, it makes it more future-proof.

But aside from the size and also the screen difference, these are pretty much identical, we get the same sleek aluminum design as the air and the mini although with slightly thinner bezels. We also get insanely good quad speakers, as well as Face ID instead of Touch ID storage, also goes up to a whopping two terabytes if you’ve got incredibly deep pockets. The pros now also get eight or 16 gigs of RAM depending on the storage option you go for, as well as an even faster USB four-port that supports Thunderbolt three as well as a 5g option.

And also both pros get a 12-megapixel main camera plus an ultra-wide lens along with a now-familiar 12-megapixel selfie centerstage upfront. We do also get a LIDAR sensor on the Pro models which surprisingly I do use quite a bit mainly for measuring things like packages when I’m sending them off or furniture. It’s not essential but it’s kind of nice to have.

But as you would expect none of this comes cheap. The 11-inch Pro starts at 749 pounds or 999 if you want the bigger 12 Nine Interestingly though, the iPad Pro 12.9 costs the same as the MacBook Air although this obviously doesn’t come with a cube All you have to pay extra for that. So in that way, it becomes more expensive. For me, I would probably go with a MacBook Air, although it does come down to your circumstances. Fundamentally, I still think iPads and tablets generally are a bit more of a luxury than a necessity, like a phone or a laptop. And also whether Mini LED and larger size are worth an extra 250 pounds over the 11 really comes down to how you use your iPad. For most of us, I don’t think it’s essential.

A13 vs A15 vs M1 Test:

So that is the lineup but since I have them all here, one on one a few benchmarks and just see how fast they are. And to the surprise of absolutely no one, the M one kind of dominated particularly in multicore and graphics performance. As you can see from my in-tu to Geekbench and 3d Mark results. Actually, in the 3d Mod graphics test, the Mini was around 35% faster than the regular iPad, while the air average was twice the FPS versus the base iPad. Interestingly, though, the air was a little bit less consistent in its low frame stability score versus the pros, it seems to throttle a bit more easily. Although I didn’t really see any stutter in my gaming tests.

The thing is, though, since most developers optimize their apps and games for the least powerful iPad on the market, often you’re not really fully unlocking the potential of the EM wall and the more powerful chips in these guys. So really, the difference comes down to if the game or the app supports higher graphic options. And also you can max out the 120 hertz if it supports high refresh. But also, more importantly, I think it’s future-proofing. All these iPads, if you buy them right now will probably last you at least three, four or five years. But with the M one since it is such an upgrade and also so ubiquitous within Apple’s iPads and Macs, now, I think you’re going to get a couple of extra years of support from it.

Battery & iPad OS:

The good news though is that battery life is great no matter which iPad you go for. And the difference between them was only a few percentage points at most realistically and everyday use with a bit of gaming and watching videos and browsing the web, you are going to get between nine and 11 hours. I think it’s also worth mentioning that if you own a MacBook Air or pro laptop or Mac Mini with a screen as I’ve got over there, actually that’s the MAC studio with a studio display. You can use these iPads as a second screen via a sidecar either wirelessly or via USB C

and if you’re on the latest Mac OS 15.4 or later, we now get universal control which lets your Mac and iPad become a single workspace by allowing you to share the trackpad and keyboard between devices and even drag apps and transfer files between them. Via AirDrop, it genuinely feels like magic.

Tips & Recommendation best iPad for Whatsapp:

So that was a lot to take in. But let me finish with a few quick takeaway tips if you use WhatsApp app on your Apple iPad.

  • Number one, think carefully before you pay extra for more storage, are you really going to use it because it often does add a lot of money. And maybe you can get away with just transferring things off it or storing them in a cloud.
  • Secondly, I wouldn’t really recommend paying the extra for the cellular option whether it’s 4g or 5g Unless I don’t know yes on the business and you don’t really care how much it costs and you think you will use it most of the time I just hotspot from my phone and use the internet that way or you know, use Wi-Fi.
  • Thirdly, most people don’t need a pro I would probably recommend one of these for 95% of people.
  • And lastly, don’t forget about refurbs or buying an older version like the iPad Air Gen for the outgoing one, you may now be able to find some good deals on official refurbishments that are still quite expensive, but it’s still worth looking around.

And actually, I saw some Amazon discounts on the 11-inch Pro which actually made it much closer to the current new iPad Air in price. So I reckon if I was going to buy an iPad for say, my parents, I would go with something like this.

I think if it was a recommendation to my friends who are a little bit techier, perhaps and would use more of the features then I will go between the Mini and the new air. Really, it just depends on what size they prefer. And then really only if you’re a proper enthusiast and you want the best features and maybe money isn’t as much of a problem as it would I recommend the pros, the 12 Nine stands out with that mini LED screen. So I like this is what I actually end up using most of the time myself, but it is a lot of money and that kind of price. If you don’t have a modern laptop, then maybe a MacBook Air or something will be a better option.

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