Best Ipad For Business And Personal Use 2023

In this article, we’re going to talk about the best Ipad for business and personal use in 2022. why the iPad Pro is ideal for doing business. I’ve done a lot of research on this. First, I was against this, I’ll tell you the story in a little bit, but before we do whatever platform you’re on. 

So let’s talk about that. So the IPAD pro, initially one of my friends told me he was working on his iPad pro.

Best Ipad for business and personal use 2023

Best Ipad for business and personal use
Best Ipad for business and personal use

He’s like, you got to get it, Bro. It’s game-changing,  And I was like, how? How can you work on an iPad that’s so stupid? It’s like, it’s like you don’t have a keyboard, you can’t, it’s, it’s, it’s like, it’s not as powerful. You can do so much more on a laptop. And then what happened was, I did all this research, I went to youtube and I went looking for iPad reviews. Is it good enough for business?

And people were like, no, it’s not good enough for business. They were saying, oh, you know, because it’s an Ios, it’s not the, you know, it’s, it’s not on the main kind of apple operating system. And it was very limiting. But here’s the kicker, I was just at a lunch the other day with a group of entrepreneurs, and this other guy was selling himself on it cause he saw me using it, and then he started selling himself on it.

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Why You Use The IPad Pro For  Business And Personal Use

I was telling him, I’m actually pretty mad because I got this thing and you know, I can’t do 30% of the work that I want to finish off. I can’t unzip a file for example. And then my other friend that originally introduced me to it, his name’s Ian Neve, he just kind of laughed at me like I was a dummy. And he, he’s like, oh yeah, how many files? Zip?

And so this other guy that’s sitting there, his name is also Eric. He’s like, no, no, it makes total sense. This guy comes from a military background. He was, he was a guy who doves in the navy before, very methodical, always kind of assessing situations. And he would say as an entrepreneur, your job is to basically do emails and communicate with other people.

That’s your main job. As entrepreneurs, we think we can do everything. We tried to do everything like we know we can do things better than other people can, so we’re going to jump in there, I’m gonna write this blog post and look, go create this thing. I’m going to jump into this meeting. I’m gonna jump at that and mean you start getting in your own way and then you need me to a really good point.

Why You Use The IPad Pro For  Business

Mainly I’m talking about entrepreneurs for business, right? You pay people, but you’re still doing the work and it’s like, how does that make any sense? That’s actually inefficient. So all heat I’ll get neve does is he sends emails and he has an I message and that’s all he uses with it. My struggle with it was I was trying to do, I was trying to, as zip files, I was trying to do sales activities, marketing activities, and now the other day I started using it just for emails, just for communicating and I actually felt refreshed. I felt like there was a lot of stress taken off my plate and I was actually getting people to help me more versus trying to do everything on my own. So it does give you that, can see the screen right now. Um, I’m just gonna show you a couple of cool things I can do with that. Well, you know what, I’m not at the, at the retreat, for example, I can draw like this and it’s very simple and then all of a sudden like I can like, you know, highlight things.

Use The IPad Pro For the note-taking app 

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It’s the best note-taking app that I’ve ever used. So this is the APP called notability. The other thing too is as we were making our way tours Mexico for this, uh, this retreat a couple of weeks back, I spent five hours. So our flight was five hours from La to Mexico, five hours working on my iPad and it only took off 30% of my battery, which is way better because on my laptop it would have died. I’m a Mac book pro. It would have died already. So I’m most laptops do you are going into, I was watching videos, I was writing stuff, I was strategizing.

I was just thinking of all these different things and I was able to get a lot done. So the reason why I think it’s the best for entrepreneurs for business is that it allows you to focus and it takes away a lot of the extra stuff that you don’t need. So let me know what you think of the Commons. I know this is a bit controversial. These are my thoughts. First. I hated it. Now I actually love it.

I’m going to try to work on it more and more because I know it’s going to take me away from, uh, it’s gonna stop me from getting distracted. Let me know in the comments. Do you plan on getting an IPAD or not?

I was actually just recording marketing school with Neil the other day. It was actually convincing him about it. You can see, you can see in one of the videos, that he actually ended up ordering an iPad pro on the spot. Two hours later, he sends me a picture and he’s actually working on it, right?

So, that’s the power of kind of, um, these things. When you talk about it, a friend talks about it starts spreading around. Now I love it. If you love articles like this stay with this website.

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